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[A]Sentinel Blaster

Post#1 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:49 am

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Model or Name: Sentinel Blaster Pistol (S-150)

Price: Not available for purchase

Technical Specifications

Category: Blaster Pistol

Base Damage type: Moderate to Severe

Damage range: Moderate

Range: 150 m

Fire Settings: Semi-automatic


Laser sight/tactical light available in place of frontal grip

Pressure release muzzle supressor

Manufacturer: IMCDR

User: The Imperial Army standard issue firearm

Affiliation: Kicka Empire

The weapon is a highly volitile replacement for the mixed firearms of the Imperial Army military and officer forces. It was designed to unite the army weapon wise and boasts far superior handling and power than that of any Imperial pistol before it. The common phrase "a day or two in the jungle and your blaster'll never fire again" proves untrue when faced with the Sentinel. Its tough, rugged frame gives it extreme reliability, no doubt a result of the weapon's revolutionary new power system, a round "drum-like" power cell that can be replaced after 50 shots. The weapon emits a distinct scream or hiss as it fires, adding psychological warfare to its long list of versatility. This scream however, can be silenced with a specially designed pressure release supressor, typically used by special forces units or on stealth missions. Field stripping the Sentinel proves no issue, though it rarely needs cleaning. It is lightweight, but requires the finesse of an Imperial Soldier to fire, making it difficult for unauthorized users to effectively utilize the weapon. </div>


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[A]Sentinel Blaster

Post#2 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:52 am

Your technology has been approved, congratulations. It can be used from this point on.

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