[A]T'balan Kas

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[A]T'balan Kas

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Basic Information

Name: T’balan Jory Kas
-- Alias(s): “Tib”
Homeworld: Kiffex
Species: Kiffar
Age: 30 (Born 26 BBY)
Gender: Male

Faction: New Jedi Order
-- Rank/position/title: Jedi Padawan

Appearance: Towering over most near-humans and humans at two meters tall (6’6”) and weighing in at a brawny 109 kg (240lbs), T’balan Kas is something of an extraordinary physical specimen from the Kiffar race. Long, fairly unkempt nappy dreadlocks cascade down in thick tendrils, ending around his shoulder-blades. Dark skinned, even for a Kiffar, roughly the shade of the oldest Wroshyr trees, and dark-eyed to match. Adorned in the tribal tattoos down his arms of a Wookiee clan, rather than those of his native Kiffex, typically worn on the face. Overtly muscular and somewhat conspicuous, though it is quite apparent T’balan is fleet-afoot. Typically wears full-fingered gloves to prevent an inadvertent psychometric-sensory reaction to common objects.
Personality and Traits

Personality: Strong and solitary by nature, T’balan only reluctantly seeks conversation or counsel with others. Slow to trust, and quick to act when required. That is not to say he is impulsive, but rather deliberate and decisive. Usually sporting a grim, solemn demeanor, Tib doesn’t make friends easily, but is often easily amused by simple pleasures. Unafraid of death, but respectful of life. He harbors a deep passion for rooting out injustice, and derives much pleasure from puzzles and mysteries. Not without a sense of humor, sarcastic as it is. He often struggles with the Jedi way, and is constantly fighting back against a darkness that has been growing inside of him since childhood.

Strengths: Intuitive, determined. Contemplative, often introspective. Child-like curiosity. Not easily swayed. Loyal. Strong sense of justice.
Weaknesses: Misanthropic and distrustful of others by nature. Stoic and broody. Sarcastic. Intense. Strong-willed. Naturally dark, firm believer in “frontier justice”.
The Force

Force Sensitive: YES
Force Alignment: Grey
Lightsaber form(s): Form IV: Ataru - Learner

Force powers:
Core Powers
  • Control
    -- Force Concealment - Novice
    -- Force Speed - Novice
  • Sense
    -- Telepathy - Novice
    -- Force sight - Novice
    -- Farseeing - Novice
    -- Force empathy - Novice
  • Alter
    -- Telekensis (includes Force Jump, Force Push and Force Pull) - Novice
Universal Powers
    Psychometry - Practicioner
    Light Side Powers
      Force Valor - Initiate
      Dark Side Powers


        History: A mere babe of five when the Clone Wars broke out, T'balan was born to a former Jedi Knight Jorra Kas, who left the order to marry a somewhat ordinary man by the name of Mikkel Kas on her homeworld of Kiffex. Not even Jorra could restrain herself from answering the call to action that the Clone Wars demanded. It was discovered early on, of course, that T'balan had been born force sensitive. Jorra feared him falling into the hands of the Jedi Order that she departed on less-than-good terms, so the former Knight opted to keep her family on the move. They maintained the facade for months, careful never to spend too much time in any one system so long as they could help it. As the fires raged across the galaxy, divided in turmoil, Confederate and Republic fleet movements forces the Kas' clan to seek secluded refuge on Kashyyyk. Unfortunately for them, the War would find them there, too. T'balan lost both parents in the invasion. Jorra was unable to turn a blind eye to the Separatist invasion force, and unable to flee Kashyyyk. Mikkel took his son into the Shadowlands under her instruction, and waited several days for her to return or comm. Unbeknownst to either of them, Order 66 had been issued. Jorra had been able to use the confusion of the invasion to join forces with a Clone detachment, which had lost their Jedi General during the initial battle. After several days without hearing from his wife, Mikkel left T'balan to search for her only to meet his own grisly end by the large predatory beasts that called the shadowlands their home. Alone, frightened and hungry, T'balan had felt the first tingling sensation of the Force with his parents' passing. He didn't know how he knew, only that he knew they were gone.

        The shadowlands was no place for a young Kiffar lad to live. He spent two whole years fending for himself in the bowels of Kashyyyk, before destiny decided to visit him once more. A lone Wookiee hunter, who had exiled himself to the Shadowlands to evade the wash of now-legal slavers who ravaged and ruled the planet under Emperor Palpatine's iron fist, happened upon the practically feral T'Balan. Tib had been hunting an Arrawawtha-dyr only to be foiled by Chuundakka the hunter, who had been hunting the same quarry. T'balan attacked, outraged, but was no match for the mighty Wookiee. As T'balan could not understand Shyriiwook, the mighty hunter encountered great difficulty in communicating with the young boy, who was growing to appear much like a hairless Wook. Having not had much chance to speak to anyone himself, T'balan struggled to express himself adequately in basic. But Chuundakka perservered, going so far as to take charge of the "hairless one" himself. But, raising an alien, and a fairly hostile one at that, proved to be a most arduous task.

        Chuundakka knew nothing about raising an outsider child, instead raising him as he had his own children. And for a hairless wookiee without claws, T’balan sure could climb and hunt. For months the pair had to rely on non-verbal communication, until such a time that T’balan could understand (if not speak fully) Shyriiwook. It was a long time before he could remember how to use his own words in basic. But fortunately for T’balan, Chuundakka had a firm grasp on the language of the slavers. They made their home in the thick, lofty Wroshyr branches halfway between the jungle floor and tree-tops. A single shack, unobtrusive and minimalistic. Chuundakka instilled in T’balan a deep respect and love for the delicate ecosystem on the Wookiee world. Eventually, they would share their respective tales of woe that had indeed brought them together, with Chuundakka explaining that he was exiled from his village following a coup d'é tat. Once a prominent figure in his village, now likely the only survivor in the wake of the Clone Wars.

        By the time T’balan was a teenager, even Chuundakka had begun to notice the stirrings of the Force within his foster child. And much to his surprise, the young boy had grown tall and strong—nearly the size of an adult Wookiee. Many things simply seemed to come naturally to the budding young man; he hardly had to practice new fighting techniques in order to be able to wield them effectively. But Chuundakka could see the darkness within his son. Perhaps the both of them had trouble finding their own peace with life. Although, that was soon to be the least of their problems. Even though the Republic had long-since won the war, the Empire that took its place began taking Wookiee slaves, and cutting large swaths of the forest down to feed the machine. The pair made it their purpose to combat such slavers and deforestation as they could, for nothing was as magnificent as a Wroshyr tree. With every passing sortie, T’balan found it easier and easier to tap into that dark rage welled up inside. Chuundakka had even said that if he couldn’t learn to control himself, Tib would be no better than the slavers themselves or worse yet—a mad-claw. But T’balan was secretly plagued by the budding Force ability inherent to his species—psychometry.

        For the most part, Tib had an average mastery of the rudimentary Force powers that all Jedi taught their young. And Chuundakka encouraged him to continue training himself in the ways of the Force that his mother had barely begun before her untimely unification with the Force. Chuundakka was no Jedi, though, and that was what T’balan needed more than anything. The aging Wook did his dead-level best to keep Tib on the path of righteousness, instilling in him a sense of duty to those beings who could not fend for themselves. But it wasn’t until they scavenged a decade-old battleground that Chuundakka realized that T’balan’s destiny lay elsewhere in the wide galaxy. Initially combing the area for scraps of tech they could repurpose or restore, their simple jaunt to the surface met a harsh left turn when T’balan encountered his mother’s lightsaber. The moment he touched it, he was overcome with the imagery of his mother’s death at the hands of Republic Clone Troopers executing Order 66. In his bewildered rage, Tib activated the brilliant gold beam in a misguided attempt to slay the imaginary Clones responsible for his mother’s death. Chuundakka did the best he could to talk T’balan through the newly discovered power and evidence, citing that the Republic had in-fact purged all the Jedi years ago, when it reformed itself into the Galactic Empire. He had heard of some Jedi being able to glean insight from merely touching objects, but never witnessed such things.

        The motley pair continued their campaign against the Imperial and Trandoshan slavers that threatened to doom the Wookiee people and planet to extinction, all the while T’balan struggled to cope with his psychometric ability and eventually discovered that he could minimize the chance of triggering a reaction by wearing gloves. It would be years before he had any modicum of control over such a power. A new war had broken out across the galaxy now, one against the tyranny of the Empire that had replaced the Republic. Kashyyyk faced less Imperial slavers, but more Trandoshan ones from their nearby homeworld. They found it difficult to liberate many slaves, as all had been outfitted by inhibitor chips. Fortune smiled upon them nonetheless, as they conducted raids against the more remote camps in guerilla fashion. Their biggest break, of course, didn’t occur until the freshly minted New Republic came to liberate the planet. It was then that he realized the scale of injustice that plagued the entire galaxy, not just Kashyyyk.

        As the Wookiees fought to reclaim their world alongside the New Republic, Chuundakka and T’balan conducted a raid on an Imperial supply depot in search of a single tribesman belonging to Chuundakka’s old clan. Once they liberated him and several others, Chuundakka spotted an Imperial-owned HWK-290 abandoned on the landing pad. The pair seized it, and Chuundakka bestowed it to his son, who would need it to reach Yavin IV and the budding New Jedi Order, that had beckoned all Force-Sensitives to report for potential entry to the reformed Order. T’balan, naturally, had no inclination to leave Kashyyyk now that it had been liberated, but Chuundakka insisted that he answer the call as only a Jedi could train his son to be all he could be. Tib left his adopted homeworld, vowing to root out injustice however he could, wherever he saw and to return as often as possible to visit his family and home. Tib tried and failed to convince his adopted father to join him, but Chuundakka was needed at home to help restore order and harmony to his people….
        Possessions, equipment and appearance

        Equipment: Nothing of note
        Weapon(s): Lightsaber, single blade (gold), Wookiee bowcaster, K-16 Bryar Pistol

        Personal Ship: HWK-290 Light Freighter, Nightingale

        Other notable possessions/equipment: Woven Wroshyr necklace with an amulet from the Jedi Knight Jarra Kas.
        Writer Information

        Pen Name: Sanjuro
        Roleplaying Experience: Approx 15-20 years. I guess I started on Yahoo! Chat and moved to forums when the world decided to move that way. Been playing tabletops for at least that long as well.

        You and the Force: I am old enough to remember seeing Return of the Jedi in theaters. I’ve played every game (video and otherwise) and read most of the old EU novels.

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        Re: T'balan Kas

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        Welcome to SW:G! Character looks good! Looking forward to RPing with you!

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        Re: T'balan Kas

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        New Jedi Order Character Approved!

        Grandmaster Luke Skywalker

        Thank you for your submission! The Jedi Code is reads:

        "There is no emotion, there is peace.
        There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
        There is no passion, there is serenity.
        There is no chaos, there is harmony.
        There is no death, there is the Force."

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