Grand Moff, High Admiral...Emperor?

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Grand Moff, High Admiral...Emperor?

Post#1 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:21 am

Grand Moff, High Admiral...Emperor? Grand Moff Zsinj, also the High Admiral of Crimson Command, broke away from the Galactic Empire in canon shortly after the Battle of Endor. In our timeline some of the major warlords have been neglected; for the most part, most of them remained loyal to the Galactic Empire and it's interim government underneath Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. This mini-plot is meant to attract New Republic and New Jedi Order, Galactic Empire and other Warlord factions to contend with a threat to their rule. The Queili Oversector take up a large portion of the Outer Rim Territories; while the Grand Moff has considerable influence it's unlikely that his declaration as a Warlord of the Empire will go without opposition. In the 6 months following the death of the Emperor the Grand Moff has begun indoctrinating a loyal force of quasi-stormtroopers known as Raptors from loyalist within his regime, they acted on his personal will and served as his hand. While Zsinj still had Stormtroopers, Imperial Army, Imperial Navy and TIE Pilots underneath his command, the loyal special forces of the Raptors provided the muscle that the regime needed.

The "Grand Moff, High Admiral...Emperor?" mini-plot is meant for all players and all players are welcome in this initial topic to give their responses to rumors about a declaration of a new warlord. The initial events in this thread will take place in Nelona, 4 ABY at the end of the month so in the new month it would be realistic for you characters to know or at least hear rumors about this new breakaway Empire. As a note, these mini-plots are all fluid, they don't really have an end or goal; some might succeed...others might not. I'm doing this as a means to try and engage everyone.

Initial topic is located here "From Serenno With Love"
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