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Defeat or be defeated by your greatest rival (or closest ally) without any in-character repercussions!
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How-To Guide

Post#1 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:17 pm

*A starship dances across the landing ramp as it comes to a complete and full halt. You are instructed to use the far left exit..but to your demise, it isn't an exit. It's a trap. Quickly, you find yourself falling into a seemingly endless abyss. But was it truly so endless? Sunlight creeped in as the abyss narrowed; was there was a chance for survival? As more and more sunlight exposed itself, you soon found yourself upon a flat, sandy surface. Where were you? What was the meaning of this deception?! Just as your mind filled with all these questions, the voice of an announcer loomed overhead*

People of SW:G, I present you...the gladiators of the Galaxy! They will not only be fighting for the Iron Crown, but...they will be battling for their own survival. The specimens you see before you now will never look the same again.

*A coarse, cold voice resonated across the arena, surpassed by a furious siren. A metallic shielding encased the dome as the surface collapsed in itself, dumping the victims in a pitch black underground facility.*

The war will begin in 3...2...1...SURVIVE!
Image The Arena

The Arena is designed for the players to resolve their in-character tension on the battleground without having the outcome affect their characters canonically. In other words, any roleplays taking place in this forum do not impact your character's real experiences or background in our Star Wars universe.

Upon the release of the R4 update, a new system will come into play. The character with the most victorious duels in the Galactic Arena will receive the Iron Crown at our annual Galaxy Awards and have special privileges. What are these privileges, you ask? You will have to pillage your adversaries, command and conquer and wait to find out!

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