How To: Administration Requests

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How To: Administration Requests

Post#1 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:22 am

You've now reached the Administration Requests spaceport! I trust the starship was comfortable and luxurious ... No? Never is. Please drop off your things here. Your suitcase will be taken to your room during the tour. When you're ready to submit your request ticket, just let Debra know. Debra wave your hand! --Yes, she's a nice lady. Well, feel welcomed and good luck with whatever request you need to file! Administration Requests

This forum is designed to provide the member base with a convenient location to share their concerns in an organized fashion. By filing reports related to site errors, skin incompatibilities, faction changes, etc., we are not only able to tend to your needs more efficiently, but the entire player base benefits altogether. Your reports give other players forewarning about potential technical issues they may encounter and possible solutions to those problems.

If you ever need anything from us while we're not online (i.e. you don't see Duke yelling in the Chatbox or Rashos preparing to siege Coruscant), you bring your request here. Threads have been created based on the most common administrative requests; feel free to use them. Examples of administration requests include items from faction leaders needing their sub-forum moved to a player needing their application reincarnated from the character graveyard. Look at it this way - administration Requests are your friends!

We hope this answers all of your questions.

Now, if you would follow me right this way, Debra will take your tickets. No flash photography, please. She's just the average Alderaanian princess like Leia was--working a job that pays less than the miners of Tatooine. Embarrassment, if you ask me. Hmm? We're not supposed to say that on the tour? Oh, right...err...yes, as I was saying, right this way.

Stay Frosty!,
~ SW:G Community Team

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