Magical Mayhem [pb]

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Magical Mayhem [pb]

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  • we've stepped right into hell...

    Imagine a world where chaos and destruction has become the new reality; each passing moment is a struggle for survival as terrorism continues to heighten in strength and numbers. For the past eight years, the United Kingdom has lived with these opaque clouds looming ominously over its head. At the end of a bitter political election for Minister of Magic, the country elected a man who seemed to be the perfect candidate to bring about change. But every rose has its thorn, and it wasn't until he had thrown anyone who threatened to oppose him in Azkaban that the people realized they had elected a Death Eater to lead their country. Hogwarts was invaded by the Leader of the Death Eaters, a sadistic psychopath who for next two years murdered countless students and Professors who challenged her reign. The entire country became a slaughterhouse. A shaky alliance between the Order of the Phoenix and Werewolf Resistance was forged to take a final stand against this evil; Azkaban was invaded and the innocent liberated, and Hogwarts was siezed by force and the Leader of the Death Eaters slain in combat by longtime Head Auror Oliver Cromwell. The Death Eaters vanished since then, and for the past year everything has been relatively quiet on their front. But there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be back, stronger than ever.

    Meanwhile, innocent people are being slain in the streets under cover of darkness by what tabloids are depicting as 'demons' and 'monsters'. The Vampires and Werewolves have been pushed off the edge. For eight years they have killed, tortured and mutilated hundreds and still the Ministry has refused to eradicate the laws that opress them. New leaders have taken the reigns as a result of a shocking internal rebellion, and it is rumored that now these groups are after more than just their rights. New dangers are starting to loom over the horizon, and it's only a matter of time before everything implodes. What will happen to a scarred and battered magical society, when even the Ministry is incapable of enforcing its laws and holding their own in the middle of a lethal war? This is Magical Mayhem.

    ... and this is just the latest chapter! Read everything <a href=' ... read=14581' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>here</a>.

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    what sets us apart from other sites...

    ? MM has been running for nearly four years!
    ? Six dedicated, active and organized Administrators!
    ? About thirty active and friendly members to roleplay with!
    ? Over 70 different roleplay settings!
    ? An phenomenal and unique plot that's filled with twists and detail!
    ? A diverse, loving and LGBT friendly community!
    ? Weekly contests and frequent mass events!
    ? New layouts every other month!

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