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The remnants of the Galactic Republic lie shattered after centuries of peace and prosperity. Former allies have been betrayed and a new regime has risen from the icy depths of Dolomar. The new power in the galaxy calls themselves the Confederation of Dolomar and they rule with an iron fist and military might. Most of the former Republic planets have been brought beneath the Confederation?s merciless control. Those who dared to resist found their cities bombarded from orbit and their leaders assassinated.

For years, none dared to publicly stand against the conquerors. But now, from the broken remains of the Confederation?s enemies, a new order has risen. This revolutionary movement calls itself the Alliance of Free Planets. Its sole purpose is to fight the rule of the Confederation and bring back the glory and peace of the former Republic. The Alliance utilizes covert methods to undermine the authority of the Confederation and reward those who go against the mighty giants.

For decades the Alliance fought alone. However, in recent years two other factions have joined their cause. The proud people known as the Mandalorians refused membership in the Confederation. In response, the Dolomarians attacked their homeworld without provocation, slaughtering thousands of innocents. Now the clans seek vengeance, setting aside their prejudice towards outsiders in order to better their chances of crushing their blood enemies.

The most recent entrant into the fray is the Jedi Order. They have broken their three hundred year withdrawal from galactic politics to lend their strength to the Alliance. Again they stand as beacons of light in the darkness, fighting for a just cause. While small in number compared to the three military factions, they give the rebellion an undeniable edge against their opponents.

However, the Jedi have far more to worry about than the ongoing galactic strife. Dark Side adepts comprising the Cult of Sadow skulk in the shadows, hungering for revenge. These are dangerous foes of which the Order has only recently become aware.

This is a rogue galaxy filled with strife. There will be no peace until one side or the other lays broken on the battlefield. Where will you choose to stand?

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