Nar Shaddaa | We Must Be Killers [Aeaolen]

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Re: Nar Shaddaa | We Must Be Killers [Aeaolen]

Post#16 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:46 pm

Aeaolen looked over at the young woman and gave a soft smile. "You can relax. They won't kill you." Aeaolen could sense the confusion and fear inside of the woman, he had sometimes felt it himself whenever he boarded his flagship. He never knew if something had happened and the Emperor had declared him a traitor or an enemy and Aeaolen would be slaughtered as a thousand blasters fired his way. Aeaolen turned his head back to Admiral Lok Kavar, a veteran naval commander who had served during the Clone Wars and was one of the brightest minds in all of the Galactic Empire.

"I saved Admiral Kavar from a leading role in the Death Star's security force and requisitioned him for my personal armada." Aeaolen walked, his--the new Apprentice in tail and the grey-green uniformed Admiral. "Ah yes...Aeaolen you did. I'm often reminded of that.." Admiral Kavar turned and winked at the young woman. "Please Kavar, you know I am just giving this terribly horrified and confused woman a history lesson." Aeaolen paused for a moment and then chuckled. "If I understand correct her last interaction with an Inquisitor probably wasn't none to pleasant. Some of the younger Inquisitors are a little--" Aeaolen was interrupted by Admiral Lok "--bloodthirsty? Ignorant? Callous to the way that the Inquisitorial Order works?" Kavar had been on the receiving end of one of Aeaolen's Apprentice Inquisitors who thought it would be wise to smack down a man that Aeaolen had come to call a friend.

Aeaolen looked at the young woman as the walked to the bridge through the maze of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. "Many of us former Jedi who serve the Emperor are more pragmatic in our approach. We found it easier to bring Jedi into the service of the Emperor by resorting to our personalities and luring the Jedi into us then to murder them...or torture them." Aeaolen was immediately brought back to his "breaking" underneath the Emperor, the man who personally oversaw him become an Inquisitor. "Fortunately for us, many Inquisitors are left alone to do as they please--" Aeaolen nodded as a cadre of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers walked past and halted, saluting them. "--we continue that despite the death of the Emperor. We continue to serve the Empire and it's citizens. Routing out the root and stench of treason that would sacrifice a dozen Imperial worlds because they can make a quick thousand credits."

Aeaolen snarled at the words. He was loyal to the New Order but not all of it. He firmly believed in human leadership and that was something that he would hardly change, but he believed that occupation over death would provide the Empire with a continual source of labor and economic stability. "Your role here will be assisting me in my--" Aeaolen paused again and smiled at the Admiral. "--research about the Sith." Aeaolen flashed a wicked grin at the young Apprentice Inquisitor. "I have given you your first sip of the research...the first line of the Qotsisajak or the Code of the Sith." Aeaolen, the Admiral and Arden had reached the bridge. "Peace is a lie. There is only Passion." Aeaolen recited the mantra again. "So...Apprentice Inquisitor Arden Marr, what do you say? You up for learning about the Sith?"

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Re: Nar Shaddaa | We Must Be Killers [Aeaolen]

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Under different circumstances, Arden might've found their banter amusing. But her mind was too focused on the way the galaxy had seemingly pulled itself right out from beneath her feet, shoving her into a completely different world, one unlike anything she had ever known. There were faint echoes of the Jedi in what Aeaolen showed her - talk of codes of honor, the military aesthetic - but the energy was different; it vibrated on a different frequency than the milquetoast faux-pacifism she had endured in her youth, and while she wasn't entirely sure of her place among the men that surrounded her, she felt hopeful that she eventually would. And that was enough.

Remaining quiet, Arden nodded along as the man spoke. Why he had chosen her - an ally of the Hutts, who would absolutely destroy entire star systems if it meant they might profit - as his new project, was beyond her. She wasn't naive enough to believe she was special, but perhaps the number of former Jedi who had the will to survive had grown short; perhaps she truly was one of the last of her kind, too stubborn to roll over and die, but smart enough to know when she had been beaten. Arden knew what it was like to see potential in someone, but it had been quite some time since someone had claimed, indirectly or otherwise, to have seen it in her.

There was something haunting about the title he had bestowed upon her. She was an apprentice, again; but an Inquisitor, not a Jedi, not a Padawan, not a Sith. Something separate from the narrative her old masters had pushed on her - something with a purpose, clearly defined. After a moment of reflection, Arden nodded. It was clear there was something on her mind, but it took her a moment to form the thoughts into a cohesive question.

"Is it always this fast?" She asked, a hint of trepidation in her voice. One minute, she was a pawn of the Hutt Cartel. The next, she was fighting for her life, and in the blink of an eye, she was here: among the remnants of the Empire, poised to pledge fealty to the High Inquisitor. How had things changed so quickly..?

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