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SW:G Traveler's Laws

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<div align=center>The Traveler's Laws</div>

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Star Wars: Galaxy is a forum/text based Role Playing Game based on George Lucas?s universe of the same name. This, however, doesn't mean we follow a strict plot; the story here at SW:G is based entirely on what you, the members, choose. We truly believe that you are the pilot of your own destiny and, as such, the Community Team does its utmost to embrace this core belief. But before you can enter the fray, you must first join our galaxy and <a href='http://z7.invisionfree.com/StarWarsGala ... topic=9581' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Create a Character</a>.

Due to the free-form nature of a forum-based RPG, the Staff has laid down a set of rules to be followed both within the role-play environment and also outside the role play on our Out of Character boards.

<hr>OOC Rules

  1. Common Sense--for the sake of everyone's sanity, please use it! This is the one guideline that will get you far here at SW:G; use your brain and we will be grateful for not needing to enforce punishment!
  2. No Advertising
    • This is self-explanatory and is something expected of anyone in the internet's vast RPG community. Unless you are posting in our guest-friendly Guest Services forum, please refrain from advertising of any kind.
  3. Give Respect to Get Respect
    • Despite your dislike for another player, please do not allow arguments or fights to spill over onto the board. We're all unique, individual human beings; treat one another as such.
  4. Inform Us of Your Absences
  5. Banishment
    • The SW:G Community Team reserves the right to ban destructive members at any time, so long as the ends justify the means. We're not as strict as you might think. If there are issues infringing on your privacy or personal life, don't hesitate to contact an administrator. We're here to nurture a positive environment.
  6. You Are Accountable For Your Own Actions

<hr>Role-Play Rules

There is little need for a large number of rules and conduct policies here. As responsible, mature players you should have a general idea of how to conduct yourselves within the role-play (RP) world. However, for those who are new to the style or need a refreshing read, the following are the worst possible offences in RP. The Community Team retains the right to add rules as they see fit and necessary and has the right to do anything necessary and proper to maintain the progress of the role-play.
  1. Creating a Character
    • When creating a role-play character please follow the guidelines and the staff's observations; we are merely trying to help you obtain a quick entrance into the role-play. We ask that you do the following to help us, help you: No Canon bloodlines without administrative approval, if there is a problem and you are unsure ask one of the staff, and we shall try to help you, if your profile is not accepted, do no argue with staff on reasons why or why not. We will most likely tell you the reason why we are not accepting the character. You will make the fix to it or it will not be accepted. Do not take it as us being unfair as you may place your reason and we can compromise if you can make a valid point, but we always have final say.
  2. Being In-Character
    • While in character (IC), we ask that you abide by these very simple, acceptable rules; they are here to make enjoyment for everyone. Therefore, we, the Community Team, requests:
    • No Power Play or God-Mod - Power Playing/God-Modding is taking actions that you or your character cannot realistically take (ie. using the Force to fire a turbolaser at a Star Destroyer, or using interpretive dance to clear wrecked Star Destroyers from the path of your crashing Frigate).
      Remember: You are not omnipotent; you cannot dodge every hit miraculously, and you are not a 'Chosen One' protected by Plot Armour.
    • No Metagaming - Metagaming is having knowledge that is used In-Character (IC that has not or cannot be obtained IC. This is usually OOC information obtained from a friend or fellow player. Such can alter the course of events without a basis of IC knowledge or flow.
    • Realism - Be as realistic as one can be with the Star Wars genre.
      DO NOT: My character is injured here and can barely hold himself, but a fired blast comes at him, so he miraculously does a back-flip out of the way and bounces off the wall retaliating at said enemy with full ferocity.
      On basic premise, it is ridiculous to even attempt that. Be a wo/man and take the punches.
    • Do Not Kill Without Permission - You may not kill another player's character without permission; however, if a situation arises where the opposing player(s) is trapped and there is no realistic way of escape, the character may be killed.
    • Do Not Revive Without Permission - You may not revive your character without the Staff's permission; people aren't merely revived out of the dead daily, you know.
      Exception: If you have the proper force powers or proper equipment to do so, by all means please resurrect from the grave.
    • Respect Posting Count - Posts must consist of 1 paragraph, meaning 5 complete sentences. We ask that you attempt to make everything descriptive and as detailed as possible. Let your creativity drive you!
    • No Cyber Sexual Interaction - What is there to say? We welcome all ages on SW:G and if this inhuman intercouse occurs, you'll not just receive a lashing but gain quite the abhorrent reputation for yourself.
  3. Foreseeing the Future
    • Unless the outcome of the storyline has been predetermined, you do not possess the ability to predict the future of "real-time" topics/posts. This is merely common sense.
  4. Ruling Multiple Factions
    • While members can create characters in any faction of their choosing, a character may not hold a "leading" role in one faction and a "leading" role in another faction.
      Example: A New Republic Admiral may not be an Imperial Admiral.
      While any member can create characters for any faction of their choosing, their character may not hoa "leading" role within the faction. This also is part of the no "dual leading factions" rule.
  5. One Character, Multiple Locations
    • Your character may be at multiple places at one time, but cannot be at two different battles at one time. A thread may occur prior to a current thread or afterwards, but if the thread is in the future it has to coincide with Rule #3.
  6. Inactive Battles
    • After two weeks of a battle (skirmish or otherwise)going inactive, the Community Team will rule in favor of whoever has the upper hand within the battle. Factors include:
      -- Which party is not responding (Attack or defence);
      -- Superior forces (Attack or defence); and
      -- Misc circumstances (Gravity wells, reinforcements, etc.)

      This system will be used for any battles that are inactive for two weeks (or a week with administrative approval). If an involved party gives advanced notice of their absence, additional time will be granted for their return. However, please understand that factions must progress and we cannot wait months for your reply.
  7. Requesting a Planetary Forum
    • To request a new world, you may fill out a petition in the Administrative Requests forum, with the support/signatures of at least 3 members that also desire the creation of this world.

<hr>Banned Force Powers & Technology
In the world of Star Wars, there is a overwhelming amount of Force abilities and extremely powerful technology. The following list is a grouping of Force abilities and types of technology that are not allowed for the fairness and playability in our role-playing environment.

Banned Force Powers
  • Sith Alchemy (Sith Alchemy may not be used to create or modify an existing creature)
  • Thought Bomb
  • Morichro
  • Malacia
  • Force Storm (Worm Hole)
  • Battle Meditation/Force Meld (Requires staff approval for use)
  • Force Stasis
Banned Technology
  • Superweapons (Super Laser, Suncrusher, etc)
  • Biological Weapons (Any type of weaponized biological weapon of mass destruction: Brainrot Plague, Project Blackwing, etc)
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