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Name of faction: E'tad'nare

History/creation of faction: Originally a small cult of Taung warriors that utilized their meagre understanding of the Force to become elite warriors among their people, the E'tad'nare were not named until the Mandalorian Wars when their talents were put to the greatest use in the attempted Galactic conquest. When the war was over and the Mandalorian clans scattered, the few E'tad'nare that had survived the war rallied around their Alor and went into hiding. From the shadows, they worked to maintain the Mandalorian old ways. For centuries they did little else than recruit, silently, those honorable Mandalorians who were sensitive to the Force and keep the traditions alive.

Alor Arpat Vod ceased the non-action of the E'tad'nare during the Mandalorian Civil War when Death Watch rose to power and the Supercommandos were established. Siding with the Supercommandos, the E'tad'nare began their more modern practice of acting as a sort of special forces operating without oversight and on their own terms. Vigilantes for the Mandalorian culture, working to ensure that, for the most part, the Resol'nare are upheld and that planet Mandalore is never truly controlled by aruetii.

Founding members: (Original) Se Yoc'tl (Modern) Arpat Vod.

Purpose of faction: Preserve Mandalorian culture and protect Mandalore.

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Post#2 » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:39 am

I would like you to explain a little more WHY they choose to use the Force, when 95% of all Mand'ade despise its philosophies and usage. </div>


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I just wanted to add my own two cents here. In Mandalorian culture, the majority actually respect Jedi and Sith and see the Force as just another weapon that they happen to have in their use. There is only a small percentage that actually despise the force, though since Boba Fett despised the Jedi many believe all Mando'ade do so. There are some but it is just the minority that do despise it are much more vocal about their displeasure than the majority who don't really care.

Since the Mandalorian culture is one of adaptation and bringing in new strategies through war to make themselves more successful it wouldn't be a strange thought for them to decide to create a group of their own kind that are users of the Force. Since most would see it as a weapon I wouldn't think there would be much against the thought of creating something new to help the war effort or the Clans in general.
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Yeah basically what Muruader said =)

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