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Darth Sinistra's Sith Order

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(**With the Sith Order fractured and scattered, a few Orders have arisen in hope of uniting the remnants)
Darth Sinistra's Sith Order

Although she has not claimed to be Dark Lord and retains the title of Sith Lord, Sinistra bows to no one. Sinistra's Order operates in the shadows and attaches itself to whatever superpower is prevalent at the time in full secrecy.

Once operating under the Rule of Two, it has since been tweaked upon possession of Palpatine's Absolute Power. Sinistra has now seen the vast potential of having a handful of Sith as opposed to only one under her domination.

Spheres of Influence:
-Sluis Van
-Sith Lord
-Lord Arbiter(Voice)
-Dark Jedi
The Dark Jedi make up the vast majority of her Order. Force sensitives and fallen Jedi that crave to be worthy enough to learn the ways of the Sith. They are the ones that carry out Sinistra's orders or those of the Arbiter in the frontline. They are categorized into three groups:

Only the specially trained in shadows become assassins. They are the ones Sinistra keeps particularly close to her. They are tasked by carrying out assassinations of those in the Order's way of progression and incharge of hunting down straggling Sith heretics and Jedi alike

General Dark Jedi warriors that are treated as soldiers.

Few become this but the politicians are an elite group within the Dark Jedi caste of the Order. Trained in charm and cut throat politics, they are tasked to be planted in various departments of the Empire and minor factions to infiltrate and carry out the Order's will.

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