Dark Lords Communication (Aeaolen - Kali)

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Dark Lords Communication (Aeaolen - Kali)

Post#1 » Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:18 pm

OOC: This is a post is as a secure communication between Aeaolen and Kali so we don't have to make a billion and one posts in single topics. Okay, okay? Okay.

The hologram of a man cloaked flashed through, the bright blue hue of the hologram sputtered then became solid. "Kali. You are to go to Terminus, it is a world similar to Coruscant. The Empire installed an Imperial Governor there, the Imperial Governor has been given instructions to follow you as soon as you arrive with the Grand Moff." Aeaolen paused for a second and then the image of a Type IV Orbital Shipyard and then a Type III Orbital Shipyard showed up. "Terminus was the lucky recipient of these two types of shipyards. You will go there and meet with the Imperial Governor. You will have those two shipyards."
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