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This is the third Iteration and review of Oogway, he has been approved 2 other times and as such I am only updating his bio and personality. Oogway "I don't know." Character Information NAME: Oogway
HOMEWORLD: Coruscant
SPECIES: Yinchorri
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 82 (Born: 2ABY)

The Background Strengths and Weaknesses:
Excellent fighter
Formidable Force User
Obsessed with inner perfection
"The depth of the sea cannot be fathomed by looking at the surface"
Oogway is a very patient individual, so patient to the extent that he takes a long time to actually make a decision on many matters choosing to confine nearly everything he says into a small amount of words that are very open to interpretation.

Oogway believes that there is no such thing as the dark side and light side of the force believing that the force simply is. The true good and evil lies within the selves of every individual and inner peace must be attained in order to truly understand the force. He also believes that living in the future is not a good thing as it forces oneself to ignore the unfolding events of the present which determine how a future will conceive.

When a Jedi councillor Oogway often joined in many of the younger trainees of the order finding joy in teaching them because of their energy, thoughts, and even the way they back talked many of the teachers. He found joy in passing what wisdom he could onto the younger generation of the order even if his words were sometimes ignored.

Oogway's belief in the sith code is that the interpretation is wrong. He beleives the sith allow there emotions to control them which is essentially not better than that of an animal. Rather he believes the code teaches that the sith should control there emotions and use there emotions like a tool to achieve there goals in life. Thus the chains that need to be broken is that that the emotions hold over the sith. He does not believe in the Jedi Way for they are the exact opposite of the Sith and they get rid of emotions all together.

As a Sith Knight Oogway focuses his time on meditation and on teaching anyone who would seek it, though that happens only on rare occasions. Oogway is avoided by nearly anyone of a rank of Sith Knight and above due to his ideas and teachings and is barely tolerated by most of the Sith Masters and Sith Lords.

After his time in the Sith Order, Oogway has come to distance himself from the force. Having served both "sides" of the force he found inner peace in neither side. Oogway sees the force more as a curse and an obstacle now, more than anything else. To this effect, Oogway has vowed to never use the force again believing that the force is one of the true causes of suffering throughout the galaxy.
"Where there is life, there is hope"
Birth and Discovery
"Everything is hard in the beginning."
Oogway was born on Coruscant with an extremely long neck for his species to a rare abnormality in his genes. He was discovered to have force powers by both his parents early on, and his parents knowing that the order could give Oogway more opportunity then his parent's could have give him gave him over to the temple.

His parents, however, were not heard from since they handed Oogway over to the temple and it was unknown what happened to them. Oogway being too young to understand began his training at the temple not knowing much of his parents.

Jedi Training
"Good things are produced only through much grinding."
Oogway began his training much like the other pupils he trained with and was seen as a rash, energetic student who acted before thinking preferring to study the ways of the force and lightsaber combat for use in his life over studying and meditating.

Whilst his training did progress rather well his teachers noted his often disregard for the jedi code and his failure to pay attention to study and meditation.

Oogway was a assigned to his master shortly after his initiate training and considered himself one of the best padawans in the order. His master tried to imbue Oogway with patience and discipline as well as a strict following to the jedi code but this often led to failure.

Oogway spent over 5 years with his master and yet to make a lightsaber. Oogway would often enquire as to when he can make his lightsaber but his master would give little to no reply on the matter. Oogway began to feel that he simply did not belong in the order.

Leaving the Order
"A thousand-mile journey starts under your feet."
Oogway left the order feeling that it had nothing else to teach him and that the jedi code was far too constricting. He drifted through the galaxy for nearly 5 years using his abilities to do odd jobs in order to make a living.

After a long time wandering the galaxy Oogway eventually heard of the findsman of Gand and there unique hand to hand combat.

Joining the Findsman
"You can lead the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink."
After gathering the correct equipment in order to travel to the Gand surface Oogway asked to join the findsman which was at first declined. Oogway however persisted on the matter and after nearly 2 years on the surface attempting to find ways to join the Findsmen he was admitted into one of the clans provided he followed all there traditions.

Oogway studied hard and as much as possible with his skill and resolve almost being constantly tested by the clan and its members due to Oogway's foreign nature.

After 5 years of hard work Oogway had learnt not only the ways of the findsmen unique hand to hand combat but also many other aspect of findsmen, and indeed, Gand society. Oogway was then given, what would later become his trademark weapon, A large stick pronged at the end of it. Oogway accepting the gift left the planet Gand and once more turned into a wanderer.

Patience and the Force
"It takes one full year for a tree to start growing; it takes ten years for a person to start growing."
Oogway eventually found himself on Felucia where he heard the native felucians were trained in the ways of the force and used it in a way to imbue there wooden weapons. Oogway intrigued by this travelled into the felucian wilderness where he was attacked by a aggrevated Rancor.

Whilst Oogway fought valiantly eventually he was knocked out by the rancor. Destiny however had other plans for Oogway and he awoke in a native Felucian tribe somehow saved from his gruesome fate.

Oogway was nursed to health by the tribe and he used the time to study the force use by the tribe even witnessing them embue there weapons with the force.

After being nursed to health Oogway showed his own connection to the force to the shaman. The shaman suprised by Oogway's abilities agreed to train him in the ways of the ability used to embue the weapons. Oogway would work at it every day however his patience often thinned leading to anger within Oogway for his failure to learn the ability.

The shaman saw that Oogway simply could not learn the technique with the inner fighting going on inside Oogway and thus began a different approach to teaching him. The shaman showed Oogway a technique that would not only teach him the ability hew wished for but to bring balance and inner peace to Oogway. The technique required Oogway to rest on top of a branch held in a horizontal position by the force. Oogway would have to imbue the branch in order to make it strong enough to hold his weight and he would have to completely keep himself and the branch balanced using the force.

After nearly 2 years training in this technique Oogway had not only learnt this technique but also one of inner peace and patience, something the order had tried to teach him from the beginning. With the walking stick Oogway gained from the Findsman he would often use this teaching technique in order to meditate.

Before leaving the tribe Oogway was given a gift from the Shaman, a body armour made out of the shell of an anmial native to Felucia. Oogway thanked the shaman and the tribe for everything and left once more becoming another wanderer in the galaxy.

Unifying Force
"One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."
Whilst travelling throughout the galaxy Oogway one day had a vision far more important then any vision he had before. It showed a dark figure walking into town and then he walked out again. The crops and food of the town turn to dust. Oogway was not sure what to make of this vision and the next day he walked into a town on a rather backwater world.

The town looked exactly like the one in his vision and he soon learnt that raiders had been harassing the town taking food and supplies. This must be what my vision meant, Oogway thought as he waited near a food silo for the bandits to come. The raiders arrived and Oogway confronted them scaring them off and thinking his work was done he left the village.

A week later Oogway returned to the village to find it destroyed. The raiders mad at Oogway's confrontation destroyed the village and took all there food. It was then that Oogway learnt that he was the black figure and if heh ad not intervened then the village would have continued on. Oogway learnt a valuable lesson that day and at a high price.

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without."
After the incident of the village Oogway felt very confused about all that he had learnt and the gifts given to him by the force. It was not long before he found himself in the outer rim exiled by his own mind. Everything he had learnt so far such as bringing balance to himself was falling from him and once more he found himself in conflict with himself.

He spent this time focusing on perfecting the powers and techniques he had already been taught including making a new fighting style that combines the Gand Martial Arts style with the jedi fighting style Shii-cho. He spent many years in this form of exclusion living off the land at which he exiled himself to and avoiding all forms of contact with the outside word.

Oogway finally came to the conclusion that one could simply not be rooted in analysing the future or else he would be ignorant of the present. He however also came to believe that there simply is no dark and light side of the force and that these battles of evil verse good are ultimately within ourselves. He believed in this to an extreme extent not only for his own sake but also for the redeeming of others who had fallen to the corruptness inside themselves.

Return to the Jedi
"Falling leaves return to their roots"
Oogway returned to the order on Coruscant wishign to rejoin the ranks of the jedi. His request was almost declined by the jedi council however Oogway's old master made a case for Oogway to rejoin the order under his old masters watch. The high council reluctantly allowed Oogway to return under his old masters watch.

As a padawan Oogway's master could see that Oogway had learnt a lot on his travels including the importance of patience and adhering to the jedi code. It was not long before Oogway was offered to make his own lightsaber, Oogway however denied this stating that he already had his walking stick.

After serving as a padawan once more for a year with his old master Oogway was offered to take the trials. Oogway more then happily accepted he managed to pass all the trials with ease except one, the trial of spirit.

During the trial of spirit Oogway was met with inner demons and inner conflicts that he thought he settled many years ago but in fact were lying dormant inside himself. He discovered that he only cured the symptoms and not the root cause of the internal conflict. After spending nearly 2 days inside the trials of spirit Oogway emerged whilst victorious very unsettled and scarred by the trials, he resolved the cause of the internal conflict and found inner peace once more but at a great cost to himself.

Jedi Knight
"We can only make our lives and our world more peaceful, when we ourselves feel inner peace."
Oogway served along with his old master as a Knight of the Order. He served on many missions that a consular would serve on such as ambassador, diplomat, researcher and even at times doing Seer classed missions but still remaining very wary of peering into the future.

Oogway's service as a knight was mainly used by himself to keep himself at peace on the inside and also the perfecting of his style of combat. It was at this stage that he discovered that there was simply no perfecting a fighting technique otherwise it becomes stale.

After serving successfully as a jedi Knight for 5 years it was decided to grant Oogway the title of master

The Corellian Incursion
"Minds are like water, when it is agitated it becomes difficult to see, but if it is allowed the settle he answer becomes clear."
Oogway was granted the title of master and sent to Corellia in order to teach initiates in the ways of the force. On Corellia Oogway often found stiff opposition to the jedi order's involvement with the GFFA. Whilst Oogway himself did not lean towards invovlvment or non-involvements it did not stop many at the temple from finding ways to debate with Oogway over the matter thinking that Oogway was sent to quell the anti-federation group in the jedi order.

Oogway continued to teach his methods of attaining inner peace in parallel with the jedi code hoping that the force would itself bring an end to the internal conflicts of the order. His teachings and actions often went unheeded by the the students at the Corellian Order however he continued to serve there diligently continuing his self training in many ways of a jedi consular.

"A wise man is able to adapt to the surprises of life as water to the decanter it is poured in."
After serving for nearly 10 years as a master on Corellia Oogway was coming towards the end of his life when he was asked to join the jedi high council on Coruscant for his age, experience, wisdom and training. Oogway was surprised that he was noticed by the high council enough to be elected as a member however he agreed to join them on Coruscant. He left the Corellian temple much to the happiness of some senior members and returned to Coruscant to take his place on the jedi high council.

As a Jedi High Councillor Oogway’s words were found to be respected by the order however his beliefs on the force often disturbed council meetings and found that ultimately many of his opinions in council meetings would meet deaf ears. Only a few Jedi Councillors would listen to Oogway and attempt to sway the rest of the council on some matters.

The council meetings left Oogway tired and, as time went on, he found himself either in nonattendance of the council meeting or silent during meetings in which he did attend. Oogway would spend more and more of his time, instead, with the classes of the order and to his own inner perfection. Whilst the council was not happy that Oogway was not attending much of the meetings, they stopped short of removing him from the Council in order to try and show unity within the Jedi Order.

These continued actions lead to Oogway becoming one of the more obscure known councillors of the order even withdrawing from many Jedi functions to focus on his own meditation.

“When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windmills.”
One day whilst meditating Oogway came to the conclusion to the question he had asked since he had become a council member. In a meeting with one of Oogway’s friends on the council Oogway told his friend that he would be leaving the order to join the Sith. Oogway’s friend was stunned by this seemingly sudden course of action and at first attempted to dissuade Oogway however to no avail. Oogway’s friends, seeing no other course of action, drew his lightsaber blocking Oogway’s exit and a fight ensued. The fighting was brief with Oogway choosing to avoid the attacks all together and escaping the fight without causing any damage.

Once the Jedi council had been told of what had happened they decided to keep Oogway’s decision a secret and instead announced that: “Oogway’s time had come and he has returned to the force.” This was done in order to prevent disunity, especially in a time when the threat of war was high. Despite this, rumours of Oogway leaving the order did manage to spread within the order.

Once Oogway had left the order he did not instantly seek out the Sith. Instead he became a wanderer of the galaxy once more visiting places he once knew a very long time ago and using the time to meditate and contemplate on bringing himself inner peace. During this time of wandering Oogway found time to visit his old friends who had left the order before Oogway in order to share time with them. One such person was Xerxes; a former jedi master of the order.

During his visit with Xerxes Oogway met Xerxes’ son, Irencius, who was being taught by Xerxes in the way of the force. Xerxes knew Oogway’s teachings quite well and although they were friends, Xerxes, did not agree with Oogway’s teachings. Oogway had come to attempt to convince Xerxes to join him and his teachings however he decided not to do so upon seeing Xerxes’ family. Instead Oogway caught up with his old friend and then bid the family of Xerxes farewell.

Order of the Sith Lords
“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.”
It was not until 76ABY that Oogway would finally leave the life of a wanderer to join the Sith. The war had ravaged the galaxy and finding the sith took Oogway nearly 4 months of searching but eventually, with the assistance of the force, Oogway found the Order of Sith Lords (As they had proclaimed themselves).

Oogway managed to be granted an audience with a Sith Lord who only through disbelief at Oogway’s past life. The Sith Lord however did sense the force in Oogway was quite strong and thus granted Oogway the opportunity of a test. A Sith Knight was chosen to battle Oogway in order to test him. The battle was short but intense with the Sith Knight throwing everything he had at Oogway. Oogway simply dodged nearly every attempt the sith knight made with their striking. Oogway finally disarmed the Sith Knight however refused to kill him when given the order by the Sith Lord. Oogway explained that this would only weaken the sith. The sith lord, whilst partially agreeing with Oogway, decided to punish Oogway for his insolence. Oogway did not resist the punishment which ended in the removal of Oogway’s eyes making him physically blind.

Oogway’s difference in opinion of the sith code interpretation met great resistance with many sith lords. Many did not like Oogway and thought his ideas to be insolent to the True Sith. Oogway’s Insolence, however, was tolerated by the sith lords if only to keep Oogway’s power and knowledge within the ranks of the Order of Sith Lords. This did lead to him being ignored for promotion to anything higher than a Sith Knight, and anyone lower than a Sith Lord would not be seen with Oogway for fear of retribution from the Sith Lords that hated Oogway.

Oogway often found himself little sought by the sith lords and not sought at all by anyone looking for a master. Oogway would spend his times alone meditating and contemplating his inner self. One day Oogway was met within the order by a familiar voice, Xerxes’ son, who had now taken on the name of his father. The two would begin to spend time together with Oogway discussing his ideas and teachings with Xerxes who found the ideas to be quite agreeable. Eventually Xerxes asked to become Oogway’s apprentice and Oogway agreed but not before giving a stern warning to Xerxes that he would most likely not find favour with the sith lords if he did so.

A New Life
“Failure lies not in falling down. Failure lies in not getting up.”
Whilst Oogway found many years of contentment in the sith order, despite the shunning of the other sith, it was not long before his soul become restless once more. The winds once more beckoned to Oogway, and one day he simply vanished from the sith order.

Eventually, after a while of wandering, Oogway found himself on Hapes itself. It was a planet he had always wanted to visit as a child but never really could go, due to the anti-force laws of the past. Oogway spent much time meditating on the planet until eventually he came across the Hapan Library of Information. The more Oogway read in the library the more interested he became interested in the past of Hapan society.

Here was an entire civilization built on the sweat of ones brows. The civilization, primarily due to its isolation policy throughout most of its history, developed completely separated from galactic events. Even more interesting to Oogway was that the entire civilization was essentially without the force since its beginning. Without the force to get in the way, as Oogway saw it, the civilization saw an unprecedented time of peace and prosperity, only interrupted when external forces interfered itself.

Oogway took up a new name, Shivvi, and took up a position as a librarian's assistant within the library. He soon found that learning more about Hapan society, as well as working within the library had helped his soul come to inner peace. Oogway had finally found the inner perfection he had chased all his life. It was at this moment of clarity that Oogway vowed to never use the force again.

A Purposeful Beginning
“An old warhorse in the stable still longs to gallop.”
The speed of which the library moved never seemed to outpace Oogway, who often found himself having to slow down to not go to fast for the library, which Oogway enjoyed. One day, whilst putting a large stacks of books away, Oogway was interrupted by a young girl in a rather hurry. The girl in question was looking for books pertaining to the force and the history of said force. Oogway couldn't help but give a chuckle to this notion, the hapan people have existed most of there life without the inclusion of the force and, as such, their libraries were very bare bone on the force.

Oogway directed the young girl to some books and information but ultimately started dictating missing information or having to correct the information she had received from ill informed sources. Eventually the woman was interested in how Oogway knew so much, to which he replied: "I am a historian that centralises on knowledge of the force." The woman thought for a moment before offering Oogway an interview at the Royal Hapan Palace to be head of the Royal Library. At first Oogway was weary of the invitation but accepted it.

Later that week, during his interview, it was revealed the true purpose for Oogway's position. Whilst officially Oogway would hold the position of Head Librarian, unofficially he would serve the Queen as a special advisor on matters relating to the force. This attempt to hide Oogway's true position was two fold, one it was to hide a non-human from attaining a high position in the Queen's court and two it prevented jealousy from other members of the court. Oogway, whilst being humbled by the offer to advise the Queen, was rather happy to receive the position of Head Librarian and set about an ambitious plan to make the Royal Library the envy of the galaxy.

The Appearance Appearance: See picture; Wears natural body armour and ceremonial robes.
The Faction Faction: Hapes Consortium
--Branch: Royal Library
--Rank: Head Librarian

The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers:
  • Core Powers: Expert
  • Force Cloak: Intermediate
  • Precognition: Intermediate
  • Force Weapon: Expert
  • Mind Trick: Expert
  • Force Deflection: Intermediate
Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s):
  • Gand martial arts: Master
  • Shii-Cho: Master

Other Info Weapon(s): Gand Walking Stick
  • Natural made body armour
  • Cermonial robes

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Ready for Review. 1 new paragraph added to personality and 2 new sections added to his bio. Also updated Oogway's position.

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[1/2] approved from the Jedi Faction Leader!

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I just want to make sure the staff is aware that this character is now fringe, not a part of the jedi faction.

All the new content is fringe, all previous sith and jedi have been approved by faction leaders in past approvals.

Or do you need my entire bio to be reviewed again? and if so does that mean I need also sith leader approval as well?

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No, that oversight is a result of sleep deprivation. Fringe characters do need two staff approvals though.

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Alright cool. just double checking I wasn't causing confusion with how I filled out what my character's position is.

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 ! Message from: The Staff Team
Image Thank you for your submission and, as one stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf Herder once said, "hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster by your side". Enjoy![/color]
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