[A] Jaster Fel (redux)

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[A] Jaster Fel (redux)

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My rage can crack the earth, and my passion can sunder mountains, you will not stop me. Nobody will stop me.
Name: Jaster Fel «» Moniker: The Demonspawn
Age: 28 «» Gender: Male «» Species: Human «» Homeworld: Abridon

Biographical Information
Jaster Fel is the hasty offspring of an aristocratic bourgeoisie by the name of Lianne Tarmec, and the villainous Radec Fel, the shadowy puppeteer behind the Imperial Intelligence Agency and COMPNOR. Only then, Radec was a captain in the Stormtrooper Corps, re-assigned to the backwater Abridon after ransacking countless other worlds along the Lipsec Run. Because there was virtually no resistance on Abridon, (as opposed to its counterparts within the sector) the Empire settled in and utilized it as a base of operations while they continued to besiege the Outer Rim.

The Tarmecs were an extremely influential family in the planet’s political realm, which made them an ideal legacy for Radec to take advantage of. He and Lianne were wed within months of his arrival, and soon after, they fostered Jaster in the waning days of Elona, 46 ABY. His upbringing was strict and regimented, and his father yearned for him to join the Empire just as he did, although his brutal parenting methods only fueled Jaster’s resentment. Radec’s indoctrination did little to captivate his son, and the constant mistreatment of Lianne didn’t help either. Lianne was still an aloof socialite, married at only 19; however she did care about one thing, and that was her only son.

The elder Fel’s subversive tactics towards imperializing Abridon was a failed effort, and many of the surrounding communities began to leach onto the idea that the Empire truly was the enemy. Pockets of resistance turned into entrenched insurgencies, thus attracting more garrisons of Imperial forces. Jaster was 16 now, and just discovering the extent of his teen angst. He hated what his father stood for, but couldn’t help but revere the man for his accomplishments and reputation. Radec was an absent parent, rarely returning to Abridon after he was reassigned to the internal command, however the conflict continued to rage.

Young and without purpose, Fel was recruited into a seemingly amateur political advocacy group who sought to broker a deal with the Empire and the insurgencies. So he left home, to the chagrin of his mother, however, the diplomatic missions to various parts of Abridon were just as deceptive as the group’s mission statement. Along with several other initiates, Jaster was handed his first blaster rifle and told to massacre a small settlement, which they were going to blame on the Empire in order to stir more resistance. Sure, Fel was a despondent teen, but he never wanted to hurt anyone. He was ready to throw down his weapon until he witnessed several of his peers firing wildly into homes.
Lianne was sickened to hear that her beloved son had been swept away from her in search of adventure, especially since he joined one of those fringe groups. Those young men killed for their cause without respite, and it wouldn't take long to indoctrinate someone like Jaster, who naturally hated authority.

-Anonymous Tarmec aide
The impressionable 16-year-old, roused by years of frustration and anger, raised his rifle and also fired, striking a group of retreating locals who were frantically trying to escape their home that was engulfed in flames. He didn’t feel anything. So Fel fired again, and another time after that, and he continued to fire until he expelled his entire ammunition pack. His hesitation was unfounded, and these people, these victims, meant nothing to him. All of Fel’s doubt was washed away when his group praised his actions. Finally he had a sense of belonging.

Given the global nature of this conflict, Fel had many engagements with this group, which eventually revealed itself as the Abridon Colonial Guard, which absorbed several other resistance groups across the planet. As their junta began to gain more ground, the Empire increased the brutality of their methods. Both sides committed terrible acts against the other now that the Colonial Guard held legitimate territory. When not battling Stormtroopers, Fel and his fellows were assaulting innocent villages, looting and pillaging as they went. They used terror to spread their contempt to Imperial leaders. By the time he was in his twenties, Fel was an experienced warrior whose conscience had not caught up with him.

What caught up to him instead were the Imperial authorities after his strike team had been captured while trying to demolish a statehouse that was sympathetic to the Empire. Fel’s reputation preceded him, apparently, as his comrades were immediately executed, but he was taken into custody. That was the last time Radec was dispatched to Abridon, and he looked his son in the eyes while he ordered his summary execution… Along with Lianne and the rest of the Tarmec Dynasty.

Radec was explicit when referring his son to the judicial authority, encouraging guards to make him suffer. Fel was “interrogated” over the course of several weeks before his scheduled execution, however the questions were vague and rhetorical. He was tortured, beaten, branded, scarred, deprived of basic amenities. When his execution drew near, they delayed it further. In total, Fel was detained for almost a year. During this time, Fel drew back to the very foundation of his emotions. He amassed anger and hatred from a seemingly unknown source, and even tried to provoke his assailants into damaging him more. Confined to the dark room, Fel’s eyesight and hearing were useless, and he began to hear a voice.
The prisoner is quite the intriguing specimen, he is unlike any I've encountered. This one does not respond to interrogation, and hardly reacts to conventional extraction methods. It's been several months and he has not said a word.

-Rahm Krellin, Imperial Intelligence
The disembodied modulation was nothing Fel had heard before, it’s aggressive rasp made the young man cold with fear, however it implored him not to feel this way. Fel was hearing his own voice, only it was corrupted by the Dark Side, and thus unfamiliar to him. Perhaps his conscience had finally tracked him to this five-square-foot cell, but instead of filling Fel with guilt, it inspired even more resentment and justification for his actions. If the Empire was willing to torture him, if his own father was willing to sanction this, then there was nothing he could do that was too merciless. This voice taught him to project his weakest emotion on others, and when Fel’s warden came in for his weekly dose of questions he knew the answer to, it was time.

As the interrogator probed his mind with psychological trickery, Fel reached out with what little the Force had given him. It was just enough to peer into this rat’s mind. The warden knew something was wrong, but thought nothing of Fel’s ability until it was too late. The warden froze in terror as Fel forced his own insecurities and fears into this man’s head. Suddenly, the warden was screaming in pain, sobbing uncontrollably as Fel continued to throttle his mind. He pleaded to nobody, as he was completely unaware that his prisoner was behind this crippling feeling of utter horror. The warden unholstered his blaster pistol and pressed it to his temple as Fel willed him to pull the trigger.

With an access cylinder and a weapon, Fel, battered and unsure, fought his way through the precinct and into the Abridon wilderness. He fended for himself for three days, covering as much ground as he could before being picked up by a Colonial Guard patrol. His comrades were bewildered that their revered Blademaster managed to survive Imperial captivity, but enthused nonetheless. The Imperials were being driven out of Abridon and their group was on the cusp of victory. Fel was jaded, though, and knew the terrible fate of the Colonial Guard and the rest of Abridon. His numerous interrogators were emphatic that should the Empire lose their assets, they would simply level the planet with their mighty star destroyers.

Fel chose to leave Abridon, to the dismay of his Colonial Guard brethren who were the only group of people he ever felt a sense of loyalty to. They understood his position, though, but elected not to believe their future. Ignorance is bliss, one supposes. For his resilience and prowess in battling the Empire, Fel was gifted a small H-type Nubian starship. While dated, the vessel was remarkably fast and equipped with a powerful sensor jamming device, and more than enough countermeasures to escape the Imperial blockade. Upon leaving Abridon, Fel ventured away from the Outer Rim, only to hear that shortly after he left, the Empire ordered Base Delta Zero, and incinerated his brothers in arms. Now, he was on his own...
Powers and Influence

Faction: Independent «» Rank: Blademaster «» Organization: Abridon Colonial Guard
Force-Sensitive: Yes «» Force Training: ~3 years
The Empire started landing more legions after the fifth month of fighting, and it felt like whatever ground we gained was for nothing. None of that mattered in the moment, though, not as long as we rallied behind him. With the Blademaster on our side, we felt invincible.

-Abridon Colonial Guard Log #587
Known Force Powers:

Force fear | | | | | | | | | |
Affect mind | | | | | | | | | |
Telekinesis | | | | | | | | | |
Concealment | | | | | | | | | |

Historical Implications:

While Radec Fel himself was not versed in the Force, he did possess its potential, like the rest of his lineage. The majority of Jaster's ability is actually inherited from the Tarmec's on his mother's side. According to second hand legends, Fel's great grandfather utilized the Force in order to widen his sphere of influence and grant his family great political and social reputation.

Midi-chlorian Count: 15,357

Other Abilities:

Fel is a well trained martial artist, including a hand-to-hand derivative of Teräs Käsi which was one of the first things taught to him early on during his career in the Colonial Guard. While not technically Teräs Käsi, Fel's technique involves rapid counterattacks and fast movement to disorient his opponent. Fel is also in possession of a vicious left hook and can deliver incredible power through strikes. His defense is impregnable, and his is extraordinarily quick on his feet. Fel's is a steadfast and determined warrior who would never relent in a fight; he would sooner die in the heat of battle than lay down his arms in defeat.

Additionally, Fel has the ability to pilot a ship with acceptable grace. He is familiar with most computer systems and is decent enough at infiltrating through a console. Fel is also mechanically inclined, typically able to troubleshoot and repair the majority of his belongings. A fair gunslinger, Fel can hold his own in a firefight as well.

Current Reputation: Fel is a relative newcomer to the Galaxy at large, and currently has no significant reputation. Before they were annihilated, Fel held much prestige among the clansmen of the Abridon Colonial Guard, including its high command.
Aesthetic Details
Image Fel’s physique is quite impressive. He stands a burly 6-foot-3, and weighs slightly over 220 pounds. For all intents and purposes, Fel is one big muscular system which is well synced and responsive. His chest and back are littered with scars, mostly accumulated during his torturous imprisonment. Though he rarely shows the entirety of his face, Fel inherited his father’s ice blue eyes which can pierce a person’s very soul. His brow is sharp, and counterpoints other jagged features such as his jaw line and lips. Fel keeps his hair short and neat, rarely exceeding more than a few inches.
That visage could make anyone back down; when he gave you that look, you either shut your mouth or he shut it for you. In all the years we've served with him, that determinant look in his eyes never went away.

-Abridon Colonial Guard Log #472

Fel's typical attire consists of a black form fitting tunic which lays beneath a heavy leather torso piece. His shoulders and collar are protected by accented plating that can also be found on his all-terrain boots. A simplistic belt hangs atop a black cummerbund. It has micro compartments to store rations, as well as a sheath at the small of Fel's back for storage of his combat knife. He also sports a heavy armorweave cloak with a hood for ample anonymity. The garment's inside is deep maroon in color, and it can wrap around his entire body.

For specific occasions that call for a heavier touch, Fel is in possession of Blademaster armor of the Colonial Guard, designed and forged by he and his cohort as they fought opposition on Abridon. The armor covers his torso and arms, leaving his legs to be protected by a reinforced armorweave inlay. The plating is segmented for maximum maneuverability, made of duraplast to cut down on weight. A tattered hooded cape hangs from his gorget, which is symbolically given to unit commanders in the Colonial Guard. Fel’s helmet has a wide field of view and filters out both toxins and smoke, and can even sustain oxygen for a short time in open space.


Fel is a troubled man, constantly in conflict with his emotional interpretation of right and wrong. Ultimately, he habitually gives into his anger and passion, but remains completely unpredictable. He is cold and methodical, for certain, constantly losing more humanity as he continues down the path of darkness. Growing up, Fel witnessed the very worst in his fellow man, which has been an unequivocal factor in his development. At his core, however, is a crushed spirit who finds little success in anything other than extreme violence, which he excels at. Vengeful and unable to let go of his past, Fel seeks not only to extinguish beauty and life, but also the order on which beauty and life depend.

It’s likely that Fel is an undiagnosed sociopath, as he is adept at manipulation without attachment or empathy, but also prone to violent outbursts when his rage gets the better of him. It seems that Fel’s only sense of direction is his devotion to the Force in his haphazard quest for ultimate power. While a person’s motivation tends to change over time, Fel’s has remained a constant yearning to spite the Force for all it has done to him, and to subjugate others with his control of the Dark Side. While that is his nature, he lacks interest in any organized or dogmatic approaches to the Force, preferring the essence of independence and anonymity.

He is smart, though, and he knows enough about human nature not to let his guard down so easily. Fel understands the value of pragmatism as well, and can be such when it suits him. His actions are only on behalf of his best interests, and Fel would step on anyone’s neck to get ahead. Additionally, the man is well versed in mentality. Augmented by his skill with Force mind tricks, Fel’s preferred method of coercion is done by forcing his foes to relive their most profound horrors. He can read others remarkably well, and can practically smell fear and doubt from miles away.

Mind control «» Fel is extremely intuitive in the art of the mind trick, specifically Force fear, with which he can invade a person’s mind while inspiring intense panic. Fel’s dark aura tends to leave a lasting corrupted impression on whomever he targets.

Swordsmanship «» Talented with the double vibroblade, Fel is a deadly combatant at melee range. He is well practiced with the Abridon Colonial Guard, earning the title of Blademaster for his exploits with his signature weapon.

Resolute «» Nothing exists that can intimidate or deter Fel from conquering the Force. He has been at the mercy of the worst horrors imaginable and has committed incomprehensible atrocities to achieve what he has thus far.

Irrational «» When Fel’s anger gets the best of him, he tends to lash out in the worst ways, inflicting his frustration on whatever happens to be unfortunate enough to cross him. His actions are not always clear headed while consumed with rage.

Snide «» Fel is notably spiteful to anyone who does him wrong, and refuses to forgive or forget until he has exacted the appropriate retribution. The statute of limitations does not exist from Fel’s point of view, and he holds a grudge like no other.

Arrogant «» The glory he has seen on the battlefield has admittedly inflated Fel’s ego. Usually able to back up his talk with vicious tenacity, at least Fel’s exaggerated sense of confidence generously contributes to his unshakable resolve.

Blademaster War Sword - a glaive-like double vibroblade imbued with Fel’s dark energy. He is extremely formidable with this weapon, and it has taken many a life during its career. The war sword can also detach along the central grip, giving Fel independent blades.

Model 434 - Fel’s blaster pistol is an extension of himself: large, destructive, and fear-inspiring. While an adept gunslinger, this weapon usually remains holstered in lieu of his blade.

Personal Ship: Fel’s vessel, the ”Event Horizon,” is an H-type Nubian star yacht that was requisitioned by the Abridon Colonial Guard and given to him as a parting gift when he left his home world. He has since modified it with a number of countermeasures, including a sensor jammer, a transponder spoof, and two proton torpedo launchers on its underbelly. Her sublight engines were also given an upgrade in addition to an aftermarket ventral fin for improved stability.
"I just want to conquer people and their souls" - Mike Tyson[/size][/b]

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[A] Jaster Fel (redux)

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