[A] Elekos Tor'vel Caamasi Jedi

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[A] Elekos Tor'vel Caamasi Jedi

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Elekos "A sharp tongue is as good as a sharp blade" Character Information NAME: Elekos
SPECIES: Caamasi
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 19
The Background Strengths: Elekos' strongest features lie in what he can do mentally. He is incredibly smart and has next to no trouble when it comes to things like problem solving and other things that require use of the mind. Aside from this he is also very good at talking to people he seems to have this ability to know just what to say in most situations. That strength is why he usually resorts to talking things out before going for a weapon .
Weaknesses: The main flaw in his person is that he can be incredibly naive and far too trusting. He also rarely ever resorts to violence meaning that before he decides to take action, action has already been taken against him leaving him injured or nearly killed.

Personality: Elekos is described by most everyone who knows him as a very nice person. Even those who don't know him that well describe him as a very approachable person. These descriptions of him are pretty accurate; however, said descriptions are not uncommon when talking about the Caamasi. He's also very sociable, he enjoys more than anything making new friends and having good times with old ones. Elekos is very level headed when most everyone starts panicking due to a bad situation he's calm and looking for a way to fix it.
Biography:Born on the rainforest world of Kerilt Elekos had a very regular childhood for one of his species. Although he was born on Kerilt he didn't stay there as his parents moved to Dantooine due to jobs. On Dantooine, he lived in a home with two parents and a younger sibling, his father was a diplomat and his mother worked as a lawyer. He lived on Dantooine until the age of 15, in 76 ABY, which is about the time his connection to the force was discovered. As soon as his parents noticed this about their child, they ran from the empire, knowing that if they stayed he was doomed to become an Inquisitor, Imperial Knight, or even worse killed. They ran and searched around the galaxy for someone to save their child.

A year later they were on the planet Tatooine with no money or hope. While in a cantina in Mos Eisley Spaceport, they found what they were looking for. A young man by the name of Setto D’Wynter, who had active ties to the jedi order, offered to help and train Elekos in the ways of the force. They agreed and sent their son off with their blessings, and Setto took Elekos back to the Jedi Order. He was deeply saddened upon their departure to the Jedi Order’s base of operations as he didn’t really want to leave his family so soon. When they arrived on Rhen Var, the Jedi Council was pleased to see another young force sensitive that was eager to learn, so they allowed him to be trained. As an exercise for both of them, Elekos was placed under the tutelage of Setto, the man who saved his life. They believed that, “Setto will learn from Elekos as Elekos is taught by Setto, as with every master and apprentice.” Setto immediately started training his apprentice in Shii-Cho and basic force training. Elekos found more interest in the mystical abilities of the force rather than the skills and forms of a lightsaber, much to his master’s disgust. However, Setto trained Elekos in everything he wished to be taught about the force when he was a padawan. Setto lead a difficult training regiment, which seemed to punish the padawan every time he did wrong. After years of training, Elekos has become a strong force adept who still works under his master.
The Appearance Face Claim: N/A
Appearance: Elekos is not particularly tall he is about 1.7 meters (5.7 feet) tall. He is covered with white fur with black accents around his eyes and on the top of his head. He has only three fingers with claws on each of said fingers. He has two pointed ears that stick out of the side of his head and he also has a snout. He's not particularly built, as he doesn't really rely on physical strength, but is of average body mass.
The Faction Faction: New Jedi Order
--Branch: Jedi Consular
--Rank: Padawan
The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers: Core force powers: Weak
Mind Trick: Moderate

Training: Formal Jedi Training under Jedi Knight Setto D’Wynter
Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s):
Form I:Shii-Cho: Practitioner
Form III:Soresu:Learner
Form VI:Niman: Learner
Other Info Animal(s): N/A
Weapon(s): Lightsaber
Equipment: Basic necessities needed to survive these include: Rations, a re-breather, rope and a grappling hook, fire starting equipment, and a water container. Most of this is kept on his belt.
Ship: N/A
Droids: N/A
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Elekos Caamasi Jedi (WIP)

Post#2 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:43 am

I gave permission for my character to be used in his background.

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Elekos Tor'vel Caamasi Jedi

Post#3 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:39 pm

This character is ready for review

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Elekos Tor'vel Caamasi Jedi

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Image Thank you for your submission and, as one small wise Jedi once said..may the Force be with you.

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