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[A] Marock Tol

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Marock Tol "Amputation can't keep a good Mandalorian down" Character Information NAME: Marock Tol
--ALIAS: Gray Brother
HOMEWORLD: Mandalore
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 34
The Background Strengths:
-Marock has a strong affinity in the use of Blaster weapons. Especially in using, aiming, and firing two Blaster Pistols at once.
-He has experience in hand to hand combat. Courtesy of extensive wrestling in his youth.
-Limited Mechanical Aptitude, The knowledge necessary to perform basic and emergency maintenance to his leg in the field.
-Competent Starfighter Pilot. Experience in space and atmospheric flight with Genet Vod has seen him become relatively average as a pilot.
-Marock is taken to the vice of Smoking. His favored being Cigars of various make. They've taken a toll on him physically, prompting him to cough from time to time from the agitation of the smoke.
-He possesses a particular mean streak, commonly sparked by either talking about his Leg for too long or suggesting that he use grenades. Both related to the loss of his Brother which is also a sore spot. Reaction can range from a very audible growl under his helm, Or an outright slug across the Jaw.
-poor Slicing Aptitude. Computer slicing is better left to the intellectuals and droids. Marock would sooner set off the fire suppression system than crack a sealed door console.
-High Powered Magnets. Since Marock had the new Prosthetic Leg installed he will get trapped to surfaces leg and all. They are his Bane.
Personality: Marock grew up to become a rather Stubborn Man who is stuck in his ways. Life and Experience have shaped him into a grizzled and combat shaped being. Any of his outwardly obvious softer behaviors have been hardened over in the wake of Orrel's death. A time when he would take Enjoyment and Joviality out of Combat has been replaced by a stern resolve. Which has proven to make him the silent man on the battlefield, aside from standard call outs and orders. His mind on getting the Job done quick and efficiently. Possible guilt over his Brothers death has given Marock an intense distaste in using Grenades. Not to mention a commonly noticeable mean streak through the man.

Marock Tol was born in 43 Aby, to Jaran and Aurel of the Mandalorian Clan Tol. The Couple made their home on Mandalore, in Zulvek village in the Olankur Region of the world. Marock was their first child, the first born Son of the family. He was not the sole child for long, a little over a year later there was the unexpected addition of his brother, Orrel to the family. Such events threw a monkey wrench in the plans Javan had to train his son, now juggling training two young boys at once.

"I'll never forget my first Hyperspace Jump. Seeing the stars stretch into the horizon as he rocketed towards Kerest"

It was in 51 aby that Javan took his sons and his Wife Aurel out into the greater galaxy. Pulling up roots from Mandalore for the next five years in order to train his sons. Javan was not a man to be soft on the boys in this regard. Out of the belief that he needed to be hard on them, so they could grow up to be tough and resilient. To be able to handle hardships that Javan couldn't even conceive of.

So it was that the family traveled to the world of Kerest, a frigid icy world dominated by glaciers. Not to mention the presence of savage natives who had taken to hunting their own kin in their savagery. Glaciers and snowbanks were the backdrop for Marock and Orrel receiving their survival training. It was in this period of roughly two and a half Cycles that some of Marock's later habits began to shine through.

'I don't remember what prompted me to pick up both pistols, But i've never once looked back - Marock Tol'

It was one relatively clear day for the Icy world when Marock tried to train on his own. It must have been an hour since the training for the day had wrapped. Naturally along the way Marock raided the weapon cabinet in their dwelling within an abandoned ruin. Something possessed the boy to decide to take both Blaster pistols that were stored for his and his brother's training. He set out to fire at the targets set up with blocks of carved ice without his Father's supervision. Which naturally drew the attention of Javan, who did watch from afar as his son managed to control and keep the twin weapons on target.

There was a day, roughly around the time Marock was 10 that the boy took his first blood. It was a day when a clan of Kerestians showed up uninvited on their doorstep. Their doorstep being a tower like structure. The Barbaric savages were armed with not but Darksticks as they charged at the pair of Mandalorians guarding their home. Marock and Orrel were watching from above, through a gap in the ruined structure. Seeing their parents in action with Blaster Rifles and the Flamethrowers equipped on their armor. In the midst of the combat, there was a sound. A sudden sharp echo from one of the training blasters going off. A blue bolt of superheated tibanna plasma streaking across to strike a Kerestian in the belly. A moment that drew an armor clad Javan to look back and up at the source. The source being the training blaster that Marock was holding.

The survival training on Kerest soon gave way for the Tol's to pull up their freighter and travel to Omiddelon III. Which was where the rest of the training took place. The family weathering through the wild climate changes of the world through the years. By the time it was over both boys knew how to survive in the unforgiving wilderness. In addition to the extensive weapons training, Javan and Aurel showing them the ropes of Pistols, Rifles, and even heavier blaster equipment.

'Ah my Verd'goten. I think we surprised our father that day'

The Family made their return to Mandalore, setting up exactly where they had once lived in the village. It was quite a thing for the two boys to be dropped back into the community, with new and old faces. Soon after their Verd'goten test came around. Their father deciding to do both at the same time, making Orrel's trial a little unorthodox on it's timing. The father and his two boys traveled out into the forest. The trials that came saw both pass their trial. A day that played out with the two heading with their father to a cantina in town.

'When you and your brother join forces to wrestle a Wookiee, the Wookiee always wins.'

The next five years saw Marock and his Brother grow into the men they would be through the years to come. They also proved to be nearly insperable, always together and working as one. Even if that meant numerous attempts to best a local Wookiee who seemed to enjoy throwing them to the dirt. Marock proved to grow to be the more serious of the pair, especially with a stubborn streak. More than once had stepped in to keep his Brother in line and out of trouble.

It was in this time that Javan contacted an armor smith in Keldabe. It was early in the morning that Marock and Orrel were awoken by their father. As the sun rose above the Olankur forests, they were presented with their armor. Matching sets of Gray armor, which gave rise to some referring to them as the Gray Brothers.

"Finding Mercenary work is hard when you are fresh crop like we are. But, we found the work through Moisture farmers on Tatooine"

It was 61 ABY when Marock decided he wanted to strike out into the world. Partly out of a desire to make his own life for himself and following in his Father Javan's footsteps. Javan who was a Mercenary for a short stint early in his life, ending sometime in Marock's early childhood. The decision that Marock was pondering over the course of a few weeks quickly found Orrel on board.

Right out of the gate, They found their new career difficult. Despite being Mandalorians, it was hard for the two fresh young men to find work. Eventually they found Moisture farmers on Tatooine who were willing to hire them out of desperation. The first field work that they experienced was fighting the local Sandpeople. Oh how they showed them a thing or two about open warfare, driving back the raiding parties until they stopped trying.

The years went on, Marock and Orrel earning a decently known reputation in the Mercenary circuit as the Gray Brothers. Some notable things occured in these years of course. One job working for a Nikto Crime lord saw him so impressed with their service that he gave them a bonus. The bonus was a ship, an old Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber. Though there were times that Marock wondered if it was given to them because it was falling apart faster than a Y-tie and the Nikto just didn't want to pay for upgrades anymore.

Another Job saw Marock acquire his own personal trademark, a pair of DD6 Blaster Pistols. They were taken from the body of a Rival Mercenary, one Co Rennick, a Selkath. An event that saw Marock use them while him and his brother shot through old B1 battledroids in order to disable a shield so one Criminal group could rob another.

'Sometimes I look down at my leg and wonder if things could have gone another way'

Marock and Orrel's joint mercenary carrer came to a head in 69 ABY. Their activity in the Mercenary sector saw them get snatched up quick by the federation to assist in quelling unrest along the various Trade routes. With Pirate activities at it's highest in recent years, Marock and Orrel had a lot of work and a lot of credits. The excess in fund saw them capable of more than affording various modifications and retrofits to the Scurgg H-6 they now traveled in.

But with Good times comes the bad and the bad came down on the pair like an charging Reek. They were dispatched to the oceanic world Trogan to eliminate a pack of Pirates who had made a hideout out of an abandoned resort site. In line with Mercenaries and Federation forces they charge the Pirate's position. Where they were pinned down at the main entrance of the Resort. The Gray Brothers used an old rusted hulk of a Speeder as cover as various pirates fired down from the windows of the building.

The Charging Reek came shortly after one of the pirates fired a rocket against a mercenary ship that had flown in to provide air support. The resulting crash cast the area in a thick smoke. A smoke that was an ample opportunity for the Pirates to begin throwing crude, but effective, fragmentation grenades. One such grenade flew from the hands of a Weequay, through the smoke, and bounced off of The Gray Brothers. Despite the thick covering of smoke Marock was in some way aware of it, turning his head to look where the grenade had landed behind him.

A split second later and a flash overwhelmed Marock's vision. The wounds he suffered were grievous. The Sheer damage to his right leg meant that medical droids would be forced to amputate it in order to save the patient. The Gray armor that Marock wore was utterly shattered in the blast, doing it's job but not saving Marock from injury. Orrel on the other hand was not so lucky as his Brother. The explosion from the fragmentation grenade killed him on the spot.

'I still remember the pain in those fleeting moments of conciousness'

Marock's memories of the event are more than a bit disjointed. He spent most of the event blacked out. Only awakening to the pain and the administration of more sedatives. What the man had gathered was that one of the federation soldiers had performed emergency work and dragged him back to the shuttle. Marock spent days in a blacked out state, becoming fully conscious a few days later. Waking up however to discover that your brother had fallen and your right leg was lost was not an easy thing. Surely out there somewhere to this very day there is a Federation Officer who talks about the Mandalorian Mercenary who shattered his knuckles against a medical droid's chasis.

'I braved a storm on one leg and a crutch to retrieve Orrel's remains. All I found was his shattered helm'

The Aftermath of Marock's recovery saw him set off on his own from the Federation cruiser. Where the Mandalorian promptly returned to Trogan in his Scurrg. The man braved a raging storm on one leg to search the battlefield for his brothers remains. As far as he ever found out, the federation troops buried the dead and he was never able to locate Orrel's grave. All he found was his shattered helm, which was enough.

After that, Marock returned to the world of his birth. Spending a few months recovering from his wounds with the help of applications of bacta. In this time, with his Mother and Father, he performed a burial for Orrel. The now crippled Mandalorian leaving the shattered helm resting atop an outcropping of rock. In a place that Marock and Orrel had often played as Children.

'Returning to Mercenary work was difficult, but with that stilt of a prosthetic I managed it'

In time Marock recovered fully, acquiring a off the market Prosthetic leg. It was only a temporary thing in his mind, the prosthetic attaching to his leg via a number of straps. From there the going was tough, very tough. Returning to what he was good at was hard, but even harder without the constant presence of Orrel. Such things hardened the man, who in the years to come would grow as stubborn as a reek.

His return to work saw him borrow his Father's armor for a short time, wearing it for his protection on the few jobs he could acquire. In time as his credit flow increased, things got easier. The crude prosthetic leg was sold back to the market. Marock going into surgery to have a new prosthetic grafted straight into the bone. Work got easier after that, being sought for both his ability and experience. Rather than solely his experience in training local security forces and the like.

'A New Time, A New Shell'

In time Marock commissioned a new suit of armor to replace the Gray armor that he had lost. This suit was built out of Havod alloy, commonly used in Starship hulls and used by request. He returned the armor to his father on Mandalore upon receiving his new 'skin'. Fully recovered and very much back in the game, Marock set out into the Galaxy to ply his violent trade.

The Appearance Face Claim: Robin Sachs

The Faction Faction: Mandalorian Clans

The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers: None learned
Training: None
Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s): None Known

Other Info Animal(s): N/A
DD6 Blaster Pistol X2
1 Vibroknife
1 Suit of Mandalorian Armor. forged out of Havod Alloy. The Armor is equipped with a Kama which matches the red color of the armor. The Underclothing that goes with it is a gray hue.
The armor boasts a backpack similar to the Katarn Armor backpack In shaping. It is generally stocked with provision, small bacta canisters, and a repair kit. The storage is in the form of a rack that slides out when pulled from the underside. Useful for Marock's use or another to access it in the field.
The Right arm bracer is outfitted with a Wrist Mounted Grappling Hook.
Helmet Mounted rangefinder
Prosthetic Leg
On Marock's person, from the right knee down is entirely Mechanical. The Prosthesis is fused directly into the bone, mounted there in a medical procedure. The leg is obviously prosthetic at a glance, on account of Marock forgoing the usage of Synth flesh. The raised plating of the foot, shin, and knee is reminiscent of Mandalorian armor in shape. The entire section from Knee to ankle is a mass of shaped Durasteel, with some plating affixed to it. The ankle and Knee joints are somewhat exposed. In addition the leg boasts a hidden storage compartment, where Marock stores a Vibroknife for emergencies.
Ship: Scurrg H-6
This Vessel is owned Solely by Marock now, rather than jointly wth his brother in the past. The Ship was renamed by Marock in honor of his Brother calling it 'Genet Vod' Or in Basic, Gray Brother. It's color scheme is largely Gray and red, matching his armor. The right side of the craft bears a painting of two gray Mandalorian helms side by side.

The Veesels Modifications are the following.
Various upgrades and retrofits to make the Antique up to snub with current craft.
Hyperspace Relay for accessing the Holonet abroad.
Small automated repair station for repairing damage to Prosthetic limb.
Droids: N/A

Tell Us About Yourself Pen Name: Neek
Roleplaying Experience: years and years
You and the Force: A decade now i suppose
Languages: English
How Did You Find Us? rpgd I believe

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