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Varik Synn
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Varik Synn

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Picture of Varik's Face[/size]
Varik Synn "In my dreams I hear again the crash of guns, the rattle of artillery, the strange, mournful mutter of the battlefield." Character Information NAME: Varik Synn
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 24
The Background Strengths: Varik is a man who just will not die. Through many battles and tribulations he has shown extreme amounts of willpower to live. Having great survival instincts he has a tendency to get a gut feeling when things are not looking good for him. Supremely lucky it seems at times as he always seemed to be just a little bit better at everything else then those around him. Usually just enough for him to survive where others did not.
Weaknesses: Varik has seen many people that he has formed relationships with die, many right before his eyes. This has made him draw inward and become somewhat anti-social, preferring to ignore others instead of deal with them. This was his main problem holding him back from attaining higher ranks and commanding others. He also has a bit of an issue with drinks, being known to spend his nights at the bottom of a bottle sometimes. Also has problems with paranoia, having a tendency to think that anyone or anything could be out for him.


Varik Synn is as quiet man who's number one goal is his own survival. A little anti-social because of losing people he had connections with in the past has caused him to be a bit of an outsider to those around him. Not wanting to have to go through the pain that comes with loosing a friend Varik has closed himself off. All these things have contributed to him being a bit paranoid, thinking that at any time someone could be after him. This has caused him to agitate others and start fights that were needed to be started in the past which has helped him in the whole nobody really liking him aspect of his life. Still Varik in the end isn't someone who feels like he does right or wrong, he doesn't want to rob his next door neighbor but he doesn't really want to have to go out of his way to save them. He's just trying to get by, day by day in a very hostile galaxy.


The man known as Varik Synn was born on Eriadu to a traditionally military family. Most sons of the family ended up joining some kind of military force, whether it was the planetary militia or a more galactic power base. For Varik he would be no different. At a very young age he joined into the Imperial Junior Academy on Eriadu to begin his education and training on being a Stormtrooper for the Empire. It was here in the Junior Academy that Varik showed that he was quite gifted. No matter what tests they put forth Varik exceeded them by just enough to be at the top of his class. Anytime he was challenged or the others in the academy did better Varik seemed to get pushed by it to push his abilities further. He seemed to thrive on adversity as many of those he was in the academy with began to hate him for his uncanny luck and abilities. It always seemed like no matter how hard they tried Varik was always just one step ahead enough to get noticed by the instructors. This lead to many fights and yet even these Varik usually came out on top. His reflexes were always just a little bit faster and his strength just a bit more then his opponent.

Varik left the Junior Academy at the top of his class before heading into the Imperial Academy of Eriadu in Eriadu City. It was here that he was tested harder then he had ever been before. At first he struggled dealing with others that were already been at the academy for some time and with some of the instructors who seemed to enjoy torturing their students. Varik made a close connection with another student at the academy named Viktor, the two of them working together to ease their troubles and really excel. They pushed each other to do better and supported one another when they needed a hand to get by. Unfortunately one of the instructors took a very great disliking to Viktor and decided that he needed to be harsher on him. He ordered others to beat the young man at random intervals, ordered that his food be taken away if he couldn't fight off his aggressors and even made him run twice as far as everyone else in their training.

One morning though the group of students that attacked Viktor like they were ordered to got a little too overzealous. Already weakened from weeks of this kind of treatment Viktor couldn't defend himself at all and was beat until he was bleeding profusely inside and out. When Varik went to their usual meeting spot he didn't find his friend there and immediately went to try and find him. Varik only got so far as to find Academy Personell loading up the dead Viktor onto a repulsorlift table to be transported away. Seeing his only friends lifeless face Varik felt like he had failed him... and he felt alone. Alone all over again. A righteous fury rose up within him, blood boiling as he sought out those that had attacked his friend. It didn't take him long as he found the ones that had done it bragging about their deed and how they were glad the 'weakling' was gone. Varik said nothing as he approached and before they knew it he was upon them like a storm of anger and rage.

They could barely even fight back and soon enough they were left nothing more than bloody punching bags lying on the floor. From then on Varik treated all those around him as possible enemies, always expecting anyone to be a threat. He pushed himself harder then he had ever tried before in all of his training and classes. He wasn't just at the front of the class he was far beyond all those in the academy, even excelling past those older then him. He was tested for leadership capabilities and even though he understood tactics and showed that he could lead his personality kept him back. None of those he was to lead liked him and this caused loyalty issues and so leading and commanding were the only parts of his training that he did poorly in. Soon enough he graduated the Academy and joined into the Empire as an Imperial Shock Trooper, selected for possible special operations training thanks to his high marks from the Academy.

He started off just keeping the peace on many planets, mostly catching thieves or fighting off pirates that tried to cause trouble. It was during the war between the Imperial Order and the Republic that Varik got most of his experience with real war and combat. He was assigned to a special forces squad and took part in my battles but over time the war was lost. Varik, as loyal as he was, realized that to stick around too long would mean his death and his will to survive pushed him to leave and make his way to Tatooine, where he eeked out a living doing mercenary work as a remnant of his Imperial past.

The Appearance Face Claim: N/A
Appearance: Varik stands at 6' 2" tall and weighs around 190 lbs, keeping an athletically toned body with some muscle definition. He has dark brown hair that is of medium length which also covers his face in thick facial hair. He has pale gray eyes and some defining bone structure in his face giving him a serious look most of the time. When not in his trooper armor he is usually seen wearing a military styled duster of sorts. See picture at the top of this post for visual representation.
The Faction Faction: Independent (Imperial Sympathizer)
--Branch: N/A
--Rank: N/A

The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers: None as of yet.
Training: He has had no formal training to utilize the force but has shown the ability to tap into it in life threatening situations.
Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s): None as of yet.

Other Info Animal(s): N/A
Weapon(s): DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle, Treppus-2 Vibroblade
Equipment: Special Forces Stormtrooper Armor (Heavy Wear and Tear), Utility Belt and Grappling Hook, A Few Bacta Patches
Ship: Does not have a starship as of yet.
Droids: Does not have a droid.

Picture of Varik in his Trooper Gear

Tell Us About Yourself Pen Name: You can call me what you like really, usually just go with whatever character I play for the rp.
Roleplaying Experience: Over a decade of writing experience, off and on through forums or other sites.
You and the Force: Been a fan of Star Wars since I was a child, so about twenty years of loving Star Wars. I would consider myself quite knowledgeable in Star Wars lore and such.
Languages: English
How Did You Find Us? Heard about you from others.

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Varik Synn

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Varik Synn

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Notice of Death/Inactivity"He....he's dead."
"No...he's become one with the Force."
This character has been recognized as dead or inactive. If you'd like to reactivate an inactive character, just ask a staff member to roll them out of retirement.

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