Munificent II-class Star Frigate

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Munificent II-class Star Frigate

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Production Information
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Model: Munificent II-class star frigate
Class: cruiser, frigate, capital ship
Manufacturer: Baktoid Fleet Systems
Affiliation: Neutral, Republic Rebels
Role(s): Frigate, command ship.

Technical Specifications
Length: 900 Meters
Targeting System: BFS-7 advanced targeting system
Shield System: BFS-10 advanced shielding system
Shields: 3,950 SBD
Hull: 2,750 RU
Crew: 350 (human), 250 (droid)
Passengers: 160,000 droids/humans
Hyperdrive: Class 1 (Backup Class 10)
Power Plant: BFS-X23 advanced annihilation reactors
Max Acceleration: 2,500 G
Max Speed: 75 MGLT
Cargo Capacity: 45,000 tons
Consumables: 2.5 years

Armament: Dual 240-Teraton Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (4)
Dual 175-Teraton Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (12)
90-Teraton Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (14)
70-Teraton Turbolaser Batteries (20)
Heavy Ion Cannons (12)
Heavy Laser Cannons (12)
8-Teraton Flak Cannons (10)
Point-Defense Laser Cannons (22)
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