Tale of Aein Decoix

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Tale of Aein Decoix

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Chapter 1:

Bleak and alone walked a lone figure within the shroud of shadows that cloaked his shape. A closer look at the man would have spoken volumes, as his clothes were tattered and bloodied. No, he was no murderer and his sanity was still quite intact but the things he has seen would cause many to run in fear. He was of a select breed of men and women trained since birth for one sole purpose. To protect the world from any supernatural threat, so in other words this man was a hunter. In fact, he is the best of the hunters and this is his story?.

?Damn its cold this time of year.? He muttered to himself as he walked through the city of Atlanta in the early time of 4 a.m.

A rather skilled vampire was the reason for the disarray of his looks; he barely made it out with his life this time. Despite all of his years of training, at the end of the day he was still only human. It was a hard life but if it wasn?t for people like him the ?peace? the world was currently experiencing would have never occurred. He could still remember the long nights he spent training and honing his body into a perfect weapon. The scars that littered his body were numerous but the mental damage even worse. Most considered him to be simply cynical but you try watching your whole family be murdered by some blood suckers at the age of 13. He never speaks of them anymore; life has taught him to leave painful memories behind with the past. As he reached his destination, which was the back steps to his condo he placed his palm upon the scanner it drew his blood only lightly. Recognizing him as the condo?s rightful owner, the door which was cloaked by a Fae?s glamour was revealed. He opened the door as all his lights on the inside sprang to life. His condo?s virtual butler announced himself by saying.

?Welcome Mister Decoix, would you like your red bull served in your study or in the living room.?

He considered his options only briefly before answering the virtual droid by saying ?In the living area, also bring up the next case file as well.?

The hologram flickered for a second before announcing ?It is all ready and waiting for your approval Mister Decoix.?

With that he was well on his way to his next case, Aein Decoix allowed his fatigue to show on his face for a moment as he landed on his couch rather lazily. He scrolled his fingers through the various holo-images most showing a rather demonic looking man murdering a witch and setting her apartment ablaze. He watched emotionlessly as the scene unfolded, he then brought up a hologram based keyboard. Hacking was another parlor trick he had picked up on over the years. Within a couple of keystrokes, he was now tracking the demon.

Normally, he wouldn?t interfere with such disputes but the man was someone of interest to him. Somehow, the man used to be mundane like Aein was but he found a way to bond his essence with a demon to further enhance his abilities to the supernatural level. Aein immediately stood to his feet; the fatigue once felt was now like a past memory as he in a rather brisk pace walked toward his garage. While many preferred the newer versions of cars that now achieved flight he liked his rides old school. He still had to leave in style, picking one of his bugatti?s opening the door quickly. As he sat down closing the door his pressed the button causing the engine to roar as he literally rocketed out of his garage. He had his car specialized where it was always connected to his home network so he could follow the demonic man like he had him on a global tracking system. He sped through the now empty streets because like previously stated most people choose flying cars these days. He expertly drove his car, drifting around the corners not willing to waste any extra time. A smile grew on his face as he neared the man; he shut off his lights and allowed the darkness to obscure the sight of his car.

However, to his surprise the man stepped in front of his car eyes now pitch black as he willed himself to grow stronger. The demon literally stopped the car with his bare hands, and then sent his palm straight through the engine effectively killing the car. Aein was ready however, rolling out of his car he pulled out twin Berettas with blessed bullets. His shot was legendary, but even as he rained several bullets at the demon. The demon seemingly willed the bullets out his way thus they did not affect him. Aein ran up and leaped sending his knees into the demon?s chest. The demon staggered back but was not seriously affected by the attack; laughing at Aein the demon extended his arms. Aein felt as if he was a mere toy as he was pulled by some magical force toward the demon.

The demon met him with a punch square into the nose; Aein could feel the bones in his nose shatter. Then the demon sent a devastating knee to Aein?s stomach causing the air to leave him. Aein fell to his knees, but it was not over by a long shot. The magical force now lifted him and slammed him into a nearby wall, before sending him crashing back to the ground. Aein coughed up blood as he landed, still trying to will his body to work. He simply couldn?t allow himself to die here; he had been through too much. Aein quickly threw a ball container full of holy water at the demon?s face. Smoke and a burning smell lit up the dark night, the demon screamed in pain as the holy water burned through his flesh. Now pissed off the demon drew a long dagger, and pulled Aein toward him once more impaling him with the dagger. Aein fell to the ground feeling his body giving up on him, the demon laughed at Aein once more before kicking him in the stomach. With a snap of the finger, loud screams of pain and terror pierced the silence of the night as a portal opened to hell. The demon stepped inside leaving Aein for dead.



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