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Archives, my book :)

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Well I've been in the midst of continuing my epic. So I've been thinking to post some of it here. Its all completely original luckily lol. Its set in a middle age type setting and I tried to find pictures that look close enough like them so that's the best I could do xD. Also Noata's biography does him no justice, his is deep as anything. Well the epic is really long, I basically have 4000 years in the timeline so far but the actual epic is set within a 20 year period. I got like a bunch of co-writers so I gotta give credit to them for some characters, I'll put their pen names.

Characters Credits:

Zife aka Jake

Noata Saotome


Christophe Bennett

Ashca Shalashaska

Zachariah Morningstar

Aron Leviticus aka The Mummy


Matthew Triten


Ronin Morningstar


David Birdict



Destiny King

<img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Ronin Morningstar

Age: 27

Race: Assumed Human but actually Demon

Gender: Male

Occupation: King of Destiny Kingdom

Short Biography: Unknowingly the descendent of Lucifer and Zachariah, Ronin was born with no knowledge of his family and thus assimilated into normal society with his true demonic powers dormant and oblivious of it. He became the slave of Alien until liberated and trained by his master Noata Saotome. With limitless and inhuman potential, Noata stepped down as King seeing Ronin as better suited for a young kingdom to have a youthful leader. Ronin ruled better than anyone could ask for until Zachariah confronted him and told him of his ancestry and his true purpose to be the newest King of Hell and warrior against Heaven. Ronin, good hearted in nature, does not wish for such a fate and finds anyway he can to shed his true destiny.

Destiny Governors

<img src=' ... nTeSsB.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: David Birdict

Age: 36

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Governor of the Northern Province

Short Biography:Descendent from a long line of rulers of the Benedictine Kingdom and rulers of the Old Destiny Kingdom, David saw it as his responsibility to rule over the Benedictine with just order and fairness. He eventually succeeded in reestablishing Destiny Kingdom with the cooperation of the Eastern, Western, and Southern territories settling their differences and finally coming together. David is one of the most intellectual generals in the Destiny Army and is heir to the throne of Destiny after Ronin. David is also very close to his general, Padraig whom sees David as Amadeus Pendragon, the human leader from ages past.

<img src=' ... n_the_.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Noata Saotome

Age: 500+

Race: Heitan

Gender: Male

Occupation: Governor of the Eastern Province

Short Biography: An ancient and famous warrior, Noata was born prince of the Heitans but never truly wanted to become a warrior. When the Mummy arose from his death and took over Destiny with an undead army, Noata had no choice but to go to war with his father. At the final battle, The Mummy struck down his father and fought Noata who was able to defeat The Mummy but was infused with some of the magic of the rubies after stabbing the age old king. The rubies gave Noata age immortality. Since then Noata has been wandering Earth fighting for good and justice and gaining strength to defeat The Mummy again after he arose for a second time. Noata was also one of the original founders of the rebuilt Destiny Kingdom.

<img src=' ... _norli.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Magdela

Age: 145

Race: Assumed Demi-God

Gender: Female

Occupation: Governor of the Western Province

Short Biography: No one knows for certain how Magdela was conceived but legend states she was the offspring of a Human father and a Phoenix mother. She was born with red hair and red eyes like fire. Her skin always remains hot, so much that it melts the snow she steps on but most notable thing about her is her powers to create and manipulate fire which was what got her famous. With her powers of fire and her brilliant intellect, which she claims both attributed to her demi-god status, she was able to gain a cult following of people who believed her to be a god among men. Her cult gathering concentrated in the Western territory of Gracou and became so strong that she was elevated to God Queen of Gracou. However when Destiny Kingdom re-arose she allowed Gracou to become a province having been advised by the little Prophetess Ashca, whom she is mysteriously close with.

<img src=' ... e8vc15.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Matthew Triten

Age: 24

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Governor of the Southern Province

Short Biography: Descendent from Bane Triten, the greedy warlord who caused the collapse of old Destiny Kingdom, Matthew is a collector of swords and a master of the blades. Ascended the throne to the Southern territory, then called the Trenton Empire, at a young age Matthew made the decision to allow Trenton to return to the newly rebuilt Destiny Kingdom as atonement for the atrocities his ancestor, Bane, did against the kingdom. However most do not trust Matthew and claim he has other intentions for he continues to raise an unchecked and unsanctioned personal army in his territory but he claims it?s only a territorial guard. It is clear Matthew is planning a war but a war against whom has the kingdom worried.

Destiny Generals

<img src=' ... Makkon.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Padraig

Age: 57

Race: Draken

Gender: Male

Occupation: General of the Northern Province

Short Biography: Padraig is the ancient General of the Drakens from the Age of Dragons. He, along side the human leader Amadeus Pendragon, fought and freed their people from the Dragon rule. Padraig was the key head of forging the old Draken Empire until his mysterious death shortly after doing so. He was later resurrected by the Prophetess Ashca foreseeing his need for involvement in future events. As legendary leader of the Drakens, he pledged loyalty to David Birdict of the Benedictine Kingdom under the advice of the Prophetess Ashca. Brutal, courageous, and strict general of the Benedictine and later Northern Province of Destiny Kingdom, he would reface his old enemy?Zachariah.

<img src=' ... _ferus.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Christophe Bennett

Age: 29

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: General of Eastern Province

Short Biography: True heir to the throne of the Liffalian Kingdom, he was snatched by invading bandits at birth never to know of this fact. Christophe was raised as a warrior by the bandits whom captured which he saw as his family by then. After he was accepted as a warrior by the bandits, Christophe was free to roam the world for himself to which he eventually fell into the companionship of Noata Saotome who trained him alongside Ronin. When Destiny Kingdom was rebuilt by David Birdict, Noata made Christophe his general of the Eastern Provinces having seen his warrior and leading talent. Christophe has taken the life of a pacifist man working his hardest on advancing the Eastern provinces.



<img src=' ... rnal_S.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Ashca Shalashaska

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Gender: Presumed Female

Occupation: Prophetess

Short Biography: Rumored to be older then the human race itself, Ashca is the mostly unknown when it comes to origins and has a very cryptic and mysterious personality. What is known is that Ashca knows all that is and all that shall be and also can pass through the boundaries God sent had set for time and space which gives her the ability to see into the future. Ashca takes the form a little girl but whether she is even a girl or humanlike is unknown. Her powers are limitless and unknown but she is praised as the most powerful being on Earth. Some even suspect her to be the incarnation of God but Ashca never gives a straight answer if she is or is not. She takes the role of a prophet, telling worthy souls their future and critical events and what the outcome may be by the actions of those who she tells the prophecy to. Ashca is also very elusive, unable to find at a whim. Though beyond her mysterious personality, Ashca is very playful and mischievous. She is often seen, by those who know her, playing with other children or in crowds usually winking or smirking at those who indentify her just before disappearing. If there is a crucial event such as a crowning or a battle, chances are Ashca is somewhere in the background.


Zachariah and his Horsemen

<img src=' ... gailin.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Zachariah Morningstar

Age: Unknown

Race: Half Demon Half Angel

Gender: Male

Occupation: Warlord

Short Biography: Son of Lucifer Morningstar, Zachariah was born to an Angelic mother but was sent to Earth with the humans. Living his life in piety and eventually becoming the priest of the town Tani, Zachariah had found his life to be humble. However after Lucifer?s failed war in heaven, he came to his son and told him that God and his angels were evil just before Saint Michael tracked him down and banished Lucifer to Hell. Having his eyes opened Zachariah was able to tap in his dormant demon powers and become powerful enough to try and take over the world for his father however Saint Michael once again interfered, he was about to strike Zachariah down when God recalled him back. Zachariah was to never use his powers to harm another living being until the Zion was born. Not knowing what exactly the Zion was Zachariah eagerly awaited it?s arrival to turn Earth into Hell.

<img src=' ... tamerr.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Name: Aron Leviticus aka The Mummy

Age: Unknown

Race: Undead Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Zacharias?s 1st horsemen

Short Biography: Born heir to the throne of the ancient Destiny Kingdom, Aron ascended it at a very young when his father died of natural causes. Originally his brother Tavious was supposed to gain the throne but instead took the life of a scholar unsure if he was fit to rule such a vast kingdom. Aron became corrupted and obsessed with finding the rubies that gave the wielder untold power. He became so obsessed his wage war against the Draken Empire, breaking the age old truce of forever alliance with them. Eventually Destiny Kingdom revolted and was able to subdue Aron and as punishment, seal him within a tomb alive. Aron died but the powers of the rubies he was buried with resurrected him with untold power. Now taken the alias of The Mummy, Aron waits beside Zachariah for the Zion to be born so he can take his revenge by casting Earth into Hell.



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