Star Wars: Galaxy Timeline

Elona through Telona, 4 ABY
  • Battle of Endor
  • Operation: Cinder, a directive handed out to high-ranking Imperials which is unknown to the wider galaxy begins. (SW:G Canon note: The campaign of Battlefront II is considered mostly canon here.) Some Imperial commanders refuse to carry out the operation, others follow it and others oppose it openly;
  • Following the Battle of Endor the Galactic Empire more or less retreats from the Outer Rim and focuses on defending the Core Worlds, Colonies and the Inner Rim. The New Republic quickly absorbs large swathes of former Imperial territory as new members of the New Republic;
  • Supreme Chancellor Mon Montha sets elections for late 5 ABY for the New Republic at the behest of the New Republic Senate;
  • New Republic formally announces Luke Skywalker as the new Jedi Grandmaster of the reformed Jedi Order; officially the New Jedi Order. Grandmaster Luke Skywalker sends a general call over the New Republic HoloNet to all force sensitives and Jedi who survived the Great Jedi Purge. Grandmaster Skywalker receives several dozen former Jedi and dozens of new force sensitives who he immediately sets out to train;
  • Sometime after the Battle of Endor Rebel/New Republic Intelligence learned the location of Darth Vader's personal residence on Mustafar and relayed the location over known Republic channels for all to know. This caused many amatuer treasurer hunters and Vader sycophants alike to attempt to venture to the castle;
Nelona, 4 ABY
  • Former Emperor's Hand Viro Sar’ki takes his small flotilla of ships to Terminus (located in the Outer Rim Territories) and founds the "Divine Empire"; a fanatically religious sect who worship the "Goddess";
  • Grakkus the Hutt is arrested by the Galactic Empire for "Conspiring against the Empire", rumors are abound that a Jedi was captured by the Empire;
  • Battle of Mustafar (Divine Empire vs Galactic Empire)